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Get The Dip to the Fringe!

A project by: Eifion Ap Cadno


WE RAISED £2,595

from 45 donors

This project received donations on Sun 27 May 2018

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Enjoyed the play at Debut, looking forward to seeing it again at Fringe.

Thank you everyone who's donated so far! You're incredible. We've got 4 days left to raise £1,340 and reach our target of £3,500. That might seem a lot but if everyone who's supported so far each gets two more people to donate £20, we will hit it. Please help us reach £3,500 and spread the word!

Good Luck to you BRILLIANT Thespians.

Best of Luck with all & looking like a great show..! Hope to maybe see it in Aug. Talented group, no question. Nic

Good Luck!

Please give the tickets to Nick Mauldin.

Good Luck with the project - the Vimeo looks great fun. See you at the Fringe.

Good luck lads, lasses, non-binaries and fish

Thanks so much Rosie! Really appreciate your support and love for the show. You've certainly made getting to the Fringe that bit easier!

O and the set/design is AMAZING... 😁

Grate show, very very funny, all my fins crossed you make the fringe!