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Fuel for Thought Exhibition

A project by: Emily Osborne


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This project received pledges on Fri 22 Mar 2019

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Can't wait to see it Tori!! <3

Xiongjia YU: I am really interested in the project theme about environment and oil problem however the limited ability of donations. Your project has a very deep meaning, it is relevant about 'environment' that gives me a strong mention. When I saw the exhibition donation video it let me recalling the environment thing before I know, it is about the water resources weakness in the African area. Even drink the clear water is hard for some people in the special area. So, when I was young around 15 years old I decided to do something for them. However, during these 10 years, forget what I wanted to do before gradually. Your exhibition project let me find the young me back. Think about what things I attention during these years, I realize the bona fide less and the selfish more. Your exhibition theme gives me one opportunity to think a lot. Thanks! All you guys in the group are the warm and kind persons! Hope your exhibition has a great effect!!

Wish you guys can sparking your dreams