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The BrainStormers

A project by: Ana Matran-Fernandez


WE RAISED £3,016

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This project received donations on Tue 15 Dec 2015
8 years, 7 months ago

Hi everyone!

It was about time to send our first update and what better reason that letting you know of an extra way in which you can help us reach our goal?

Now, pay attention because this is only valid TODAY.

The University of Essex is celebrating #GivingTuesday. What this means in practice is that we can get extra money without any of you having to spend a penny! So here's the deal:

1. Visit http://www.essex.ac.uk/givingtuesday/ <-- this is sort of a "money generator". So, for every click of that page, the University will add 1 pound to a bag of money.

Where does that money go? Well, that's the second step!
2 Visit https://click.hubbub.net/p/brainstormers <--- by visiting our campaign, you help us get clicks. The three projects with most clicks will receive a third of the bag each!

Isn't that easy?

So let's add a third step: share those two links with all your contacts! Tweeter, facebook, WhatsApp, email... Any means you can think to share the links will be taken into account!

Remember, this is only valid for today! We need your help! :-)