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Get The Dip to the Fringe!

A project by: Eifion Ap Cadno


WE RAISED £2,595

from 45 donors

This project received donations on Sun 27 May 2018
Help Milk and Blood take our debut show The Dip to the Fringe!

"How about we go back to mine and baba ganoush?"

Meet Al. He means well, eats his greens and sometimes smokes them too. As he struggles to express his feelings for his mate Nic, the drugs take hold.

A farce full of clowning, physical comedy, live music, harpoon Nerf guns, confetti cannons, singing fish and inappropriate humour: The Dip is a young man's technicolour trip of homosexual awakening; it's going to be a wild ride.

Written by Artistic Director Eifion Ap Cadno, The Dip is Milk and Blood's debut show.

Why the Fringe?

The Edinburgh Fringe is the world's largest arts festival and hands down the best platform to get The Dip out there and establish Milk and Blood. So far people have loved The Dip and we can't wait to share it with the world!

However the Fringe is expensive business and at this early stage in our development we need your help to cover some of the costs. While we will make money on ticket sales, there are plenty of costs before even getting to Edinburgh. £3,500 will cover these and help us enormously. We will love you forever and ever and ever and always.


Our theatre is sex, drugs and rock and roll...

Formed by Eifion Ap Cadno on East 15's Acting and Contemporary Theatre course in 2018, we are a company of young actors, creatives and musicians. Through new writing, devising, original music and improvisation: we create work that is honest, takes risks and doesn't pull punches. Come into our world, our house party, and you'll leave with wide eyes, sore abs and a hunger to do it all over again.

Why should you support us?

Why blow our own horn when others can do it for us?

" The Dip has veins that beat out of your arm and stuff themselves back in just to beat back out again. Stoner comedy, homophobic police fish, the Baba Ganoush Gestapo and an insane live band spitting out pure adrenaline and funk - it's hard finding something this purely original around." - Marysa Finnie, Superglue Assembly Line

"I'm incredibly excited by the potential of Milk and Blood to make genuinely surprising, hilarious and touching new work. The Dip demonstrates this ability in abundance with vibrant and irrepressible theatricality. I couldn't help but fall in love with it!" - Jesse Briton

"So painfully funny I writhed around in my seat howling and screaming from punch line to punch line. The Mighty Boosh on acid!" - Luke Clarke, The Alchemist Theatre

  • The Dip was developed for East 15's Debut Festival 2018 where it went down a treat. We are about to graduate from East 15 and put everything into The Dip. This is just the start of an incredible journey for our show and company.
  • The Edinburgh Fringe attracts audiences from all over the world as well as thousands of industry professionals. It is the perfect place to develop a following and ensure a future life for The Dip .
  • We love The Dip . Others love The Dip . We know you'll love The Dip . We want everyone to take The Dip .
  • Your support and donation will help us at this crucial stage: a stage where we have a brilliant show and no money. Your money will literally put props in actors' hands, costumes on their backs and the show in people's faces.
  • You will achieve legendary status in Milk and Blood's teary, bleary eyes.

Where will the money go?

  • If we hit our minimum target: we can register to perform at the Fringe; and pay some of the venue hire cost.
  • If we hit our target: we can register to perform at the Fringe; pay all of the venue hire cost; print a load of flyers and posters to publicise our show and get bums on seats; buy costume, set and props (we already have most props - we're missing our harpoon Nerf gun and our vital Officer Flatfish costume is still in the hands of the East 15 costume department: clothe our Halibut!); and transport these in a van to and from Edinburgh.
  • If we make more than our target: we will cry tears of joy; and pay for our actors' transport to and from Edinburgh. Unfortunately we cannot pay our actors at this stage; they will be paying for their own accommodation and living costs and so we'd love to pay for their transport at least.
  • We will update you every step of the way with our progress, from designing our new poster to getting our paws on the 6ft Flatfish costume, from stepping off the train in Edinburgh to the pint after our last show - rest assured, your donation is not beer money.
  • Breakdown of costs:
  • Fringe registration fee: £393.60
  • Venue hire (3 weeks + VAT): £2,160
  • Print flyers and posters: £500
  • Buy costume, set and props: £300
  • Van hire and petrol to transport the above: £100
  • The above comes to £3,453.60
  • Any additional funds will go towards paying actors' transport which will be £1000+


We don't mess around - unless Ray Charles tells us to - so we've got some pretty cool rewards for you! Look at our Rewards section for more tantalising info...


Have a look at our trailer:

And a few photos:

Things are getting fishy...

Our musicians "spitting out pure adrenaline"

Officer Baba of the Baba Ganoush Gestapo

"Someone might update their status or post a photo of my soufflled remains to Instagram."


Meet the locals...

That costume and Nerf gun we were telling you about?

Find us here

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