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Work Space Pressure Exhibition

A project by: Katy Briggs



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This project received donations on Wed 23 Mar 2016
Raising funds to support Art History MA students in their exhibition 'Work Space Pressure'

What is 'work space pressure'?

- A group of MA students as part of their course have to put together an exhibition to be shown in the Art Exchange gallery on Colchester Campus from 13th May - 11th June

- This year's exhibition is 'Work Space Pressure', an exhibition exploring the burdens and pressures of work and work places brought together by a variety of mediums to stage a pressurized work space environment within the gallery. 

What's going on in the exhibition? 

- We are presenting ourselves as a new-found company to help with the project - say hello to Empathy, Inc. By presenting ourselves as a company we'll strengthen the themes explored in the exhibition

- It's not just about putting together pretty pictures and objects! Within the Art Exchange (the hosting gallery), we want to recreate a symbolic office environment using the artworks and extra props.

- We have asked several artists who are questioning the work space and their own relation to labour as artists to take part in this exciting project. We have already had many positive answers!

- From there, viewers will see real-life examples of pressure and work, as we've decided to give a platform to the 'Make Art Not Cuts' Firstsite campaign, where the gallery assistants are facing job losses to be replaced by volunteers.

- In the little room at the back of the Art Exchange, we will then show marginalized forms of work and the unique pressure that faces these workers.

- Finally, we are organizing events surrounding the exhibition that we are arranging will drive home our message of pressure in work spaces.

our story 

- Our course started in early October, and ever since then we have been working fiercely on putting together Work Space Pressure, and it's finally getting to the point where the exhibition is coming together. We've reached out to artists, and there has been great interest in our exhibition.

- We do have a budget, however money is tight. Our artist picks include artwork based in Singapore and New York, and films that have a license rate of €350 for just one showing. To create the best show for our education, the Art Exchange and you, the audience, we really need to raise extra funds to put on the best exhibition that we know we are capable of.

- By donating, not only will we benefit from putting on an exhibition that truly represents our vision in the best way possible and benefit our education, you will be able to see a worthwhile exhibition with surrounding events that will reach out to the wider community.

- We realize that work and pressure affects everyone, so we want to encourage a dialogue about the constant push and pull between dominant and marginalized forms of work. The artwork we want in the exhibition will really drive our message home, and although there may be other art out there, we believe that our 'first choice' artwork will truly be the way we can show our vision.

What your donation will help us achieve

- £250 will go towards the license fee to show Forgotten Space, a documentary film by the renowned artist Allan Sekula that explores how globalization has effected the ship, truck, and ship industries.

- The other £500 will allow us to cover the high cost of safe transportation and insurance for the artwork coming from America, to Asia, to London!


For giving us a donation we've designed a host of rewards that will give you an insight into what it takes to create an exhibition - check them out!

Find us here

If you have any questions or want to find out more about our project, you can find us in our office 6.123

or through our social media pages: Facebook


Help us succeed! 

Don't have any money? That's cool, we understand. Just help us spread the message to anyone and everyone using all of our social medias. Anything that you can do will truly help us.Thank you in advance - and we hope to see you at our opening of Work Space Pressure on May 12th!