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UmPhafa Reservation

A project by: Casia Pîrvu


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This project received donations on Mon 19 Feb 2018
Help 4 Essex students do a volunteering project in Umphafa Nature Reserve!
What do we want to do?

We are raising money for the opportunity to go on a volunteering project to the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. The UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve, situated in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, is a 6,000 hectare reserve comprised of a number of farms previously managed for cattle and encompasses a wide range of habitats from acacia savannah and bushveld to mountainous terrain. Due to previous agricultural practices many of the natural inhabiting species had been lost. This reserve is strictly for conservation and research purposes and no tourists are allowed on the site. Colchester Zoo works together with the local residents in order to keep the sensitive fauna and flora safe.

Who we are?

We are 4 University of Essex Students aged between 21 and 23 years old, based in Colchester, Essex. Our group consists of Casia (2nd year American Studies), Josh (2nd Year Biology), Weronika (2nd Year Modern Languages) and Ben (3rd Year Biology).

What are we fighting for?

All four of us have been very engaged in volunteering in the past years. Some of us have built animal shelters and bird houses, others have done language teaching for immigrants but we all feel like we can do more! This project is of great importance not only for us but also for the environment and wellbeing of all species on the earth. The private reservation is purely for conservation purposes, which is a delicate but also very important topic in the 21st century. The staff is doing everything required to protect rare animals such as giraffes, zebras or rhinoceros. The preservation of these animals is crucial. Our aim is to help future generations see them first hand, not just in  books. We are all animal lovers and know what disastrous impact humans can have on nature. As students, we have the unique opportunity to help the people doing this crucial work  at the reserve. Furthermore the reserve is working with locals, especially with children, to help them understand the right steps to keep their unique ecosystem flourishing. Now, can you see why is it so important for us to be able to go to Umphafa?

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards the programme fees and our flights to South Africa.

Programme fees: £700 Flights: £800

Total: £1500 each x 6 people = £6,000

What’s included in the programme fees:

·         Minibus transport to UK airport, & airport pick up and drop off in South Africa

·         Accommodation in single sex dorm rooms

·         Food (3 meals per day – we do our own cooking)

·         Orientation and ongoing training and 24/7 Field leader support

·         Internet access

·         Excursions (Nambiti drive, Spioenkop, Monks Cowl, Reptile Centre and Bird of prey display)

·         Travel insurance

If we are lucky to raise any additional money we will purchase the special equipment that we need

( cloths, boots, sleeping bag).


We have prepared some wonderful rewards for everyone who decide to contribute no matter what the amount is. Thank you!

Photos from previous umphafa trips

Here are a few pictures to show you the reserve and the type of work we will be doing there:

(reintroduced leopard)

(Rhinoceros family under 24/7 protection)

Be there with us!

Find us here for updates and ask any questions you may have!


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Now let’s get it moving

Help us help them! By donating for this project, you become an active part of life preservation.

If you can’t donate then share this project to as many people as you can to raise awareness and to show that anyone can be the change in the world. Help us preserve what we have had the chance to know but need to cherish.