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A project by: Helene Smed


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This project received donations on Thu 27 May 2021
BJ... Ben & Jerry's or?

Hey! We are Neil, Virginia & Helene who are raising money for out short film "LOAD!". A comedic film about Michael & Joyce and their dysfunctional relationship. We are producing the film with Frame by Frame production in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who are we?

The three of us, consider ourselves indie film makers! We met in drama school in 2017 and we've loved working together on unique and fun film projects, ever since. Together we formed our film festival, community and production company - Dead Face - through which we created bangers like "Uncle Issues" and "Recede". Not to mention "Premiere Night 2020" - an online film festival for indie artists!

Where will the money go?

  • Travelling costs? £500
  • Covid tests? £400
  • Location hire £500
  • Accommodation £300
  • Catering £300
  • Production costs: £1500
  • Costumes £300
  • Rehearsal space £100
  • Variables £100


  • If you donate £10 one of us will send you an exceptional private message as a "thank you"! 
  • £50 pounds and you get nothing less than a (wait for it) - CREDIT IN THE FINISHED FILM!


We made a tiny phone-filmed snippet of the characters from "LOAD!"

Find us here

Dead Face-book 

Frame by Frame

Dead Face Insta

Dead Face Youtube

Help us succeed!

If you don't have the financial means to donate to the project, but still love the sound of it - it would mean the world to us if you shared our Click Campaign on social media and spread the word!

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