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The Half Moon Shania

A project by: Cara Baldwin


WE RAISED £2,773

from 47 donors

This project received donations on Fri 06 Jul 2018
5 years, 11 months ago

To be read to the tune of “Livin’ on a Prayer”!Burnt Lemon’s been rehearing all day, Working for a cause,They're making a play.It’s tough, so tough.The Heaneys have brightened their luck,So thank you for your gift,For each and every buck -We’re chuffed, so chuffed.Dawn Baldwin - thank you a lot.It really makes a difference to our Edinburgh slot.Big hugs to Nick Young- the show should notLet you down - we’ll give it our best shot!Woah! We’re halfway there!Woah! Thanks to our friend Bex.Emma Johns, you really are the best.Woah! It means so much you care!The next shout out goes to Paul Ward,We’ll see you at the show!We hope you all enjoyThe rewards, rewards.Marg Daniels, thanks for the support.We cheer in the night,And sing our thanks to Vivienne Highmore! ...Once more…Woah! We’re halfway there!Woah! Thank you for your fare.Thanks to you, we’ll make it I swear.Woah! Don’t forget to share!;)

6 years ago

Now rehearsal’s in full swing,

We're learning lines and lyrics to sing.

The show is getting ready to rock

But it couldn't be done

Without you wicked lot!

Rhiannon Bates - thanks for your spark!

For playing your own generous part

In the making of our production.

We'll shake the ground in a punk eruption!

A scream and shout out to Megan,

(N’ a thanks in person at the Drayton!)

So thoughtful of you to give

Your own hard earned, helpful quid.

Dear Sheryl Ruggieri,

We thank you wholeheartedly.

With your help, we'll change the world!

You're officially a Burnt Lemon Girl ;)

To Baldwin's own Andy & Dee,

We can't wait for you to see

The Half Moon Shania at Southside

To thank you and fill you with pride!

Allan Wilson - thanks for your support!

With your help, we'll reach for awards.

We'll let you know how we get on.

Your kindness feeds each lyric & song!

Thank you so much, Julia Davies,

For helping us four Lemon Ladies.

Your donation has us heading for the stars,

We'll take to the stage with you in our hearts!

The Half Moon Shania, while punky as hell,

Has an important story to tell.

So thank you all for supporting the play,

Get ready to rock on the Edinburgh stage!

6 years ago

The countdown clock has started ticking,

And we’re already beginning

To see kind sponsors play a part

In giving us the best head start!

We couldn’t do it without you, Debbie,

The Bensons have helped so much already

To leap our work from the page,

Onto the famous Edinburgh stage!

Thank you so much Colin Sharp,

Your donation has warmed the hearts

Of the cast and the creative team.

We’re one step closer to our dreams!

Craig Longworth, we can’t thank you enough.

And though our journey may be tough,

We’ll keep going knowing you care,

Your support will get us there!

To kind Rosemary Connellan

Thank you for the helping hand

In Cat’s first professional production,

You’ve sprung her career into action!

A massive thank you from us women -

The makers of the show: Burnt Lemon!

6 years ago

To everyone who has kindly sponsored us so far!

Thank you to James Martin,Your help had so much heart in!We really can’t thank you enoughYou got the fireball rollin’! To the Bensons – Lauren and Josh,Your contribution to the costLeft your big sis sweetly moved,She may have shed a tear or two.                                                                                                             Big thanks to Katharine Alston!Your generous donationWill help us make the play it’s bestAnd make a worthy statement. To Cara’s Auntie DebbieYou’ve left our pockets heavy.The lemons want to make you proud with every single penny! To wonderful Dean HarrisonYou’re kind to no comparisonWe hope you enjoy your reward As a thanks for your donation. To lovely Molly LongworthWe’re so happy we could burst!Thank you so much for sponsoring usAnd reaching for your purse. To Eifion, our talented friendThanks a bunch, you lemon legendIt was incredibly kind for you to donateWe can’t wait to share the work we make THANK YOU ALL! X