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A project by: Nia Vasileva


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Let The Good Times Roll!

four best friends. One foreigner. one stranger. one terrible neighbor.

what could possibly go wrong?

About the show

'T.G.I.F' is the best "worst" episode of 'Friends' you'll see this summer. Four best friends meet every Friday night to play their favorite games. This Friday the gang has two new members. One of them is hiding a dark secret which is about to be revealed.

The perfect anti-sitcom is finally brought on stage - hilarious, surprising and twisted, this play will show you how toxic friendships can become and how, in one night, your life can be changed forever.

"An unlikely combination that shouldn't work, but does - in spades! Highly recommended! Fast paced, witty dialogue and laden with twists and turns that you never see coming".  

- Jesse Briton (Bear Trap Theatre Company)

Y-axis theatre

Who are we?

Y-Axis Theatre is an emerging theatre company with three new shows which are to be produced this year. It is founded by French-Algerian, Greek and Bulgarian actors Ewens Abid, Nina Frantzeskaki and Nia Vasileva. All members of the company are graduates from the BA Acting (International) Course at East 15 Acting School. For more info visit our website.

let the good times roll

Where did it all begin?

Written and directed by Afro-Portuguese actor Miguel Angelo, 'T.G.I.F' had an incredible success at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018. 

We brought this production to life with the goal of bringing the anti-sitcom on stage; bend the clichés and traps of this genre while also adding a sharp sense of dark humor to it. The show also questions controversial and dark themes while revealing the hypocrisy of our characters. Discrimination, sexism, infidelity and many other issues are tackled in this fast-paced comedy and we couldn't be more excited for the rest of world to see how this tangled story unfolds. 

Where are we heading?

'T.G.I.F' will be performing at theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall, August 2nd-24th (excld. 4th, 11th, 18th), at 22:30

We chose to take 'T.G.I.F' to the Edinburgh Fringe because it's the perfect opportunity for an emerging company like ours. Not only that we get to perform in front of a multicultural audience, but we also get to learn from the people we meet, connect with other companies, expand our horizons and grow as a company. Our dream is to have a full London run of 'T.G.I.F', tour the country and maybe the world! For us the Fringe is a gateway to share with the world our ideas, our stories, our passion

Where will Your money go?

The bare minimum to be part of the Fringe is to pay the registration fee and venue hire. For us that is:

  • Venue hire: £2640 (£480 of which are the deposit)
  • Fringe Registration Fee: £393.60
  • ALTOGETHER: £3033.60

So far we've paid the deposit for our venue and the registration fee which leaves us with another £2160 to pay in order for our project to succeed, which is our minimum target.

We all know how financially difficult it is to be a student, so if we hit our maximum target of £3783.60 we'll be able to reimburse ourselves and invest in the following:

  • Reimbursement: £873.60
  • Marketing: £400
  • Insurance: £100
  • Preview Guarantee: £100
  • Set/Costume/Props: £150

And if we REALLY exceed our maximum target we will be able to:

  • Pay our accommodation
  • Cover our travel costs
  • Pay our actors

We have REWARDS for all of you who donate so go check them out! Go! Go! Go!

Find us here

You can find out more about our company and stay tuned for some of our other projects here:


Facebook: Y-Axis Theatre

Instagram: @yaxistheatre

Twitter: @YAxisTheatre

Help us succeed!

Please donate and help us achieve our goals. Every penny counts!

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