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Taking corals into the future - Conservation field trip

A project by: Martyn Jakins-Pollard


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This project received donations on Sat 18 Feb 2017
Taking coral reefs into the future

A quick background...

I am trying to raise money to complete a field trip to Hoga Island, Indonesia. Here I will be able to get involved with learning practical skills revolving around reef conservation and management.

Many of the worlds coral reefs are highly threatened and these skills are essential to contributing to the protection and preservation of many critical ocean ecosystems.

who am i?

I am currently studying for an MSc in Tropical Marine Biology at Essex.

In the last couple of years I have become more interested in marine conservation. Through this I have decided to drastically alter my career plans in order to try and help conserve what is currently left of our marine environment!

but what is it all about?

- More than 25% of all marine fish are found on the coral reefs that occupy just 1% of our oceans.

- More than 60% of the worlds reefs are threatened by human impacts.

- 2014-2016 was the largest coral bleaching event ever recorded.

- Climate change and other factors are changing the environment quicker than organism can cope.

As reefs die at an alarming rate, we are facing a future where more and more reefs look like this:

Unless we act now, we will reach a point where there is nothing left.

As more of these reefs become damaged and at risk, we will also lose diversity of organisms in the oceans. My goal is to gain as much training and experience as possible to enable me to actively contribute to the conservation and protection of coral reefs.

This project will enable me to gain further experience diving in a scientific context, working with local communities to discuss better ways to manage resources and to learn to complete environmental impact assessments. On Hoga Island (Wakatobi Marine Park) there is a marine research facility where I will be able to undertake training and further research on Wakatobi reefs.

By supporting me, you are also supporting the future of coral reefs.

Breakdown of Costs:

Travel Expenses - £1200

Accommodation - £900

Full Dive Equipment - £650

Other expenses including laptop insurance, dive medical and general supplies - £250

Total - £3000

Minimum target: If I reach my minimum target all money will go towards the accommodation and flight expenses and I will do my best to fund anything else I can on top.

Maximum Target: If I receive any further funds, these will go towards buying dive equipment and other supplies to travel with. By purchasing dive gear I can save a lot of money on renting as this is something I will be using regularly this year and hopefully the rest of my life!

Over and above: Any further funds I receive will go towards improving rewards and buying better quality provisions and equipment to make sure they are suitable for the environment.


As a lover of photography I look forward to taking as many pictures as possible and hopefully providing some donors with some. Further to this, if I raise extra funds I will look to improving the rewards I have provided.

Help ME succeed!

Any donations would be a great help and the more I can raise, the more focussed I can be on maximising the experience!

Even if you are unable to donate it would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word, so feel free to follow me on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martyn.pollard.3

Instagram: martynjakins

Twitter: @martynjakins

Thanks for your support!