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Swipe: A Play

A project by: Alyssa Jean


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This project received donations on Tue 05 Apr 2016
Swipe, a play about the ups and downs of being a woman in the modern world filled with technology.


We are looking to raise money to bring life to Swipe: The Play. Swipe is a play about being a woman in the modern world where we are constantly surrounded by technology, selfies, online dating, and the constant thought that someone better might be after the next swipe. It's a relatable piece about the reality of life in the 2000s. 

new match collective

New Match Collective is a brand new all female theater company. As a company of all women, we think it's highly valuable to see more portrayals of women in theatre that also normalize their experiences. We are a mesh of current and past East15 students, as well as other performers. We're like the Spice Girls (except there's seven of us and we're American/Welsh/English/Scottish, but we totally support girl power).

Here's a story all about how...

Swipe was driven out of a need to shed light on the way life, dating specifically, works for a woman when technology is now the norm. Swipe: The Play is a piece that was written by our Artistic Director and actor, Alyssa Salter, but is a collaborative effort amongst the company. Our goal was to give a voice to the experiences of women who are riding the roller coaster that is life through technology. Many interactions are viewed through a phone or computer screen. This is new and unique to the current generation of eligible daters, meaning it's a learning curve for everyone. 

 The spark for this project came from a series of bad dating experiences through the online world, first hand by our playwright Alyssa Salter as well as second hand stories shared by numerous women. The need to explore the stories, to laugh about encounters, and to voice those who feel voiceless was a major factor in the creation of this project. We reached out with a survey to all of our friends and asked them to share their stories with us. Swipe: The Play isn't the ups and downs of one woman. It isn't an isolated incident. It is the laughter, tears, heart break, joy, pick up lines, and frustration of hundreds of women.

The first reading New Match Collective did of this show really demonstrates why we think it's so important. We HAD to take many pauses as we sat reading the script. This was because every few lines one or more of the company members would groan, gasp, give a resounding "YES!", or shake her head muttering "That hits close to home". Stories would then be traded and bonds began being made. If we reach audience members in the same way where they get to share their stories and create conversations, then we consider that a success.

By donating to this project, you would not only help us as a company to put on a piece of theatre we are passionate about but you would also be supporting representation of women in the arts. The Guardian posted an article explaining that there is STILL under-representation of women in the arts, as bad as 2:1. Seeing as women make up half the population, you can see why that number is disturbing. 

Money, money, money....ain't it funny?

The majority of the money for this project will be going towards fees to pay for a space in the Camden Fringe. The theatre spaces require a rental fee as well as a deposit per performance. This is what would be covered by the minimum goal. If we reach our full goal, or beyond, we would be able to advertise better and pay our actors. The ideal is to reach this point where we are able to make a profit and share our art. 

We also promise to update our progress as frequently as possible. We have some very technologically and social media savvy ladies in this crew, so you will not be without updates. You may even wish we didn't update as much as we will...

You have a match

Everyone loves a good prize, we know that. That's why most online dating apps will frame it like a game, because who doesn't love winning? You too could win! Not only would you be supporting the arts, feminism, passionate actors, but you also get a reward! WHAT A DEAL!

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For all the updates you can check out these platforms:
Twitter: @collectivenm

Email: newmatchcollective@gmail.com

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The more people see this project, the more people are likely to participate. 

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