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StiltsPro: Delivering theatre to Europe’s refugee camps

A project by: Piotr Pawarski


WE RAISED £1,425

from 20 donors

This project received donations on Fri 16 Dec 2016
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Who are we?

We are a stilt-walking theatre company formed of students from East 15 Acting School (part of the University of Essex).

We seek to reach UK and worldwide audiences that need theatre the most. We will accomplish this by offering entertainment services for events, and street-theatre advertising solutions for businesses to fund our theatrical endeavours.

Our mission – to reach audiences underexposed to the benefits of theatre – this gives us energy to keep on. Our dream is to find places in the world torn apart by wars, disaster, or unrest, and to give hope, ennoble, educate and inspire, without bias.

About the project

Our current goal is to fund a full-scale workshop and performance to bring to Europe’s refugee camps, to help enhance the lives of those living there through the arts.

We are networking with the very experienced Flying Seagull Project, who are keen to help us achieve our goal of creating full-scale performances for people in need, most currently refugee camps in Europe.

These camps give a home to thousands of people who have been forced to flee their own homes or perish with them.

The people living here have very little in the way of material possessions. The camps they are staying in are the closest thing they have to a permanent home, and even these are in constant danger of being dismantled. We believe that bringing theatre to these camps, and encouraging people not just to watch but to participate and create performances with us, will give them hope that they are not on their own.

In a world that is so full of fear and uncertainty, we need open minds and open hearts; we wish to spread joy and aid where it’s needed the most.

We aim to visit one of Europe’s refugee camps in the summer of 2017. We are dedicated to inspiring creativity, imagination and fun in those who have experienced terrible ordeals that no one should have to deal with.

Where will the money go?

Our goal is to raise £3000, which we would invest in:

Logistics such as fuel, transport, and accommodation (£1500 for a team of 5 performers spending two weeks on tour)
uipment including costumes, a sewing machine, fabrics, props and other equipment necessary for the project (£1000)
Promotional materials
to spread the word about our mission. (£500)


The minimum we need for the project to take off is £1000. It will allow two members of StiltsPro to spend a week spreading joy in one refugee camp.

If we raise more than the project's target, we will be able to visit more audiences and inspire creativity in those who need it the most.

All performers involved are professional actors who volunteered to participate in the project for no fee.



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Contact us:

+44 07585159454
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stiltspro
Instagram: StiltsPro
Twitter: @StiltsPro