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The Shape of Things

A project by: Alexandra Green


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This project received donations on Tue 25 Jun 2019
How far would you go for love? For art? What would you be willing to change?

the project

After 2 years on the MFA Directing course at East 15, I am bringing The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute to the Drayton Arms in London. A brilliant script that explores our relationship to art and its' ethics, this play is the perfect way to finish my masters study in London as we reflect on our role in the world as theatre makers and what we choose as our subject. The entire team are very excited about this project but we need your help to make it happen!


How far would you go for love? For art? What would you be willing to change? Which price might you pay?

Such are the painful questions that are explored as a young student drifts into an ever-changing relationship with a post grad art major. As one couple's engagement crumbles another's obsession grows and morality takes a back seat. And so unleashes a drama that peels back the skin of two modern-day relationships, exposing the raw meat and gristle that lie beneath.

Car Crash Productions presents 'The Shape of Things' as part of the Stretched Canvas Festival: A festival exploring the ethics surrounding art and its' ownership. In a time of instant gratification and where everyone's an artist, where do we draw the line?

With a brilliant company coming together from Australia, USA, Canada and the UK, this show is not to be missed! 

Director: Sascha Green

Assistant Director: Ashley Mapley-Brittle

Producer: Tom Sergeant

Stage Manager: Rhi Bridgland-Bishop

Designer: Klay Brackney Wandelear


Anna Fontaine

David Soyka

Meg Bennett

Gwithian Evans

Where will the money go?

Our minimum goal will ensure that our actors and the director can be paid and that we can pay for print marketing. This will not cover our set, costume and design costs. The rest of the crew also won't be paid except for an even share of the ticket sales.

If we hit our full target, this is how we have thoughtfully budgeted the amount, ensuring all cast and crew members are paid fairly:

  • £250 Director Fee
  • £250 Stage Manager Fee
  • £250 Producer Fee
  • £400 Actors - Rehearsals and 3 performances (£100 x 4 Actors)
  • £50 Rehearsal Space
  • £150 Assistant Director
  • £50 Technical Manager
  • £75 Posters/Flyers/Programs
  • £50 Facebook Advertising


We have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out! Even if you can't donate today, please share this project with anyone you think can support us to help the show succeed! Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or come to the show in London!

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