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Break the ‘Verse presents a darkly comic look at the epidemic of male suicide with an LGBTQ+ slant.

A short summary of our project

Break the ‘Verse theatre company are raising £1000 to put on new play ‘Schrödinger’s Dog’ by Monty Jones; a darkly comic look at the epidemic of male suicide with an LGBTQ+ slant. Following their successful Arts Council funded debut, the company will return to The White Bear Theatre in Kennington from the 23rd of October to the 3rd of November.  

'Hugo wants to kill himself. Well, that’s not true. He doesn’t really want to die, he just doesn’t want to exist anymore. It’s complicated. Well, it was complicated, then he accidently kidnapped a pizza delivery boy and now things are really complicated. Schrödinger’s Dog follows a man on the edge as he’s slowly forced to take seven people hostage who all have the potential to save or destroy him.

Schrodinger’s Dog is an anarchic, dark comedy exploring the difficulty of seeking help in a world where men aren’t supposed to cry and millions are stuck on waiting lists.'

Who are we?

Break the ‘Verse are a new writing theatre company co-founded by East 15 Alumni Ellie Sparrow and Monty Jones in a wine fuelled stupor 2 years ago, created with the idea of ‘telling stories that don’t get told’ in as anarchic a fashion as possible. ‘Mouldy Grapes’ their Arts Council funded debut was described as ‘a sparklingly witty debut for this young company’ with others remarking ‘on the evidence of this show this won’t be the last we hear from Break the ‘Verse-indeed I am interested to see what comes next...’

Why are we doing this?

We're trying to be the change we want to see in theatre world, we want to tell stories that don't get told, with characters who don't often appear. 'Schrodinger's Dog' is a play that was created in the depths of depression, and we want people who also suffer to watch this play and experience catharsis, and have a good laugh. It also has a wide variety of queer characters, but the plot isn't about them being queer, we want to show that these people can be portrayed on a stage without the plot revolving around their sexuality. We also have a cast with more women than men, and some delicious parts for older actresses because we want to see more well rounded female characters and balanced casts. Despite not being funded by the Arts Council this time around, we want to be able to put this play on as well as it deserves, and pay our creatives as much as we can. 

Where will the money go?

The company are already providing a significant personal investment to put on this piece, but we need a little help! If you donate, your money will go towards paying our creatives as well as we can, hiring the theatre, advertising, set budget, flyers, van hire and much more. If we raise anything above our initial goal of £1000, we will use the remaining extra to pay our creatives more. Below are just some of the things your money will help towards:

Actor Wages: £2880

Theatre Hire: £1800

Rehearsal Space: £400

Van Hire: £120

Insurance: £109


  • If you are kind enough to donate £5, we will give you a huge thank you on all of our social media and you will feel warm and tingly inside!
  • Donate £10 and the police officer in our play will have your surname for one night of the run. 
  • Donate £10 and we'll put your first name in the script for one night of the run. 
  • Donate £20 and you'll get a hand crocheted pussy hat.
  • Donate £50 and you'll get all of the above as well as a bottle of bubbly to enjoy the show with.
  • Donate £100 and you'll get all of the above and also pick a song of your choice to be played at some point during the show.
  • Donate £500 and we'll perform the play in your living room!

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If you can't donate, you can help support this project by sharing this page with anyone and everyone on social media! You can also help us by coming to see the show at The White Bear Theatre in Kennington from the 23rd of October to the 3rd of November. Shows are on Tuesdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm with 2:30pm matinees on Saturdays.