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Wildlife Sense Greece Project

A project by: Reinis Ruks



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This project received donations on Wed 29 Mar 2017
Help me protect and study the sea turtles of Kefalonia!

Volunteering in Greece with wildlife sense on kefalonia island

I am raising £900 to participate in the volunteering project in Kefalonia, Greece in June. It is an amazing opportunity to do some good for the environment.

I will be working to protect the endangered sea turtles of Kefalonia, Greece and their nests from accidental damage. I will make sure that the turtle nests are protected and that the turtles can safely hatch and start their new life! :)

about me

My name is Reinis and I am a 1st year International Relations and Modern Languages student. I am passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures and that is exactly why I chose to study this course and to study at the University of Essex. I think this project is a perfect fit for me because it combines traveling with conservation work. Hopefully this fundraising project will be a success and I cannot wait to find out what lies ahead for me.

Volunteer role

As part of the volunteer team, I will be surveying the beaches, looking for new nests, and marking and measuring them to make sure that all the sea turtle nests are protected from damage. I will be monitoring the turtles from the incubation to the hatching stage and doing my best to ensure that they can safely start their new life. I will also conduct inventories for the eggs and nests to improve the conservation methods.

Light pollution and storms are dangerous for the sea turtles, but with our volunteering efforts we can reduce the number of turtle nests impacted. This project is especially important for me, because I love being around water and I have been that way ever since I was a kid, so protecting the ecosystem of these beautiful water creatures hits home for me.

By donating, you will not only be helping me make this dream a reality, but also you will take part in a conservation effort and help me to do some good for the environment! :)

Where will your donations go?

Flights and transport - up to £350

  • Flights to Kefalonia from the UK and back
  • Minibus transport to UK airport and airport pickup and drop off in Kefalonia, Greece

Programme fee including social programme, accommodation and food - £450

  • Accommodation shared with the rest of the volunteering team
  • Food (we will be cooking on our own)
  • Official researcher t-shirt
  • Training and project operation cost
  • Travel insurance

Total= £800

If £900 is raised, this money will be used to purchase better quality kit for research activities and better equipment to provide higher quality images!

I will provide updates of my fundraising efforts on social media and of course you can follow them here on the CLICK site :)


  • I will provide some cool rewards for your generous donations, i from social media to something neat delivered to your doorstep.

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Help me to help the environment!

  • Donations - I really appreciate any donations to this project! No matter big or small, thank you for contributing to my goal!
  • Sharing this project - Sharing this project in any form, whether on facebook, twitter, through email, with friends, family, classmates or coworkers will greatly help me with raising enough funds and meeting my goal.
  • Help me to help the environment and to take place in a once in a lifetime opportunity!