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Wildlife Officer Placement with ORCA

A project by: Rebecca Daniel



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This project received donations on Sat 03 Mar 2018
Make marine conservation possible!

A short summary of my project

Im trying to raise £695 to participate in a 4 week residential course on board a Brittany Ferry travelling to the Bay of Biscay in Spain. This opportunity will provide me with vital workplace experience which I require for a career in marine conservation.

Who am i?

Hi! I'm a student at the University of Essex and I'm currently studying for a MSc in Tropical Marine Biology. I previously studied at Durham University, graduating with a First in Biological Sciences. I have a keen interest in conservation, as well as public education about the ocean and its inhabitants.

I am looking to pursue a career as marine biologist, however starting out this usually requires conducting unpaid voluntary work and placements, which all cost (lots of) money. Most projects cost anywhere from £2000 upwards to complete.

A bit more about the placement

I have chosen this placement due to its low cost, and because of its dynamic nature. I will be taught key skills such as marine mammal identification as well as research and monitoring. Half of whale, dolphin and porpoise species globally are considered to be 'data deficient' on the IUCN Red List, so monitoring is vital to ensure their protection. onitoring is vital, which is vital as there is a lack of data on marine species. We need to know more about them in order to protect them! I will also develop my customer service and education skills by giving talks to large audiences and promoting wildlife watching and conservation to fellow passengers.

Donating will help to continue ORCAs ongoing protection of marine mammals in our regional waters, as well as inspiring others about marine conservation.

Where will the money go?

The Wildlife Officer Placement costs £695 and includes:

  • Accommodation (shared cabin) for 4 weeks
  • Marine Mammal Surveyor course: practical training in identification, behaviour interpretation and distance sampling
  • Formal and informal training by Wildlife Officers
  • ORCA uniform and merchandise (T-shirt and Hat)


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Images & VIDEO

Find out more about the ORCA Wildlife Officers that I will be working alongside by clicking on the link!

As part of my training I will be learning to identify different marine mammal species such as this Atlantic white-side dolphin and humpback whale.

Please Help me succeed!

  • The best way to help me achieve my dream of becoming a Marine Biologist is by donating. Any donation, even just £1 will help.
  • Please also share my project with others, friends, family or in social media circles, anyone you think might be willing to support me!