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6.7 million tonnes: We have bin through a lot

A project by: Faustine Pallez-Beauchamp


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This project received donations on Thu 14 Apr 2022
A collective exhibition about food waste and food justice in the UK today

Help us fund an exhibition about food waste and food justice in the uk

"6.7 million tonnes: We have bin through a lot"

Who are we?

We are the 2021-2022 MA Curating students from the School of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. We are fundraising for our group show that will run from April 28 to May 29 in Art Exchange gallery

What is our exhibition about?

As postgraduate students from all over the world (China, Taiwan, India, Mexico, and France), food connects us, nourishes culture, and is deeply embedded in everyone's identity. “6.7 million tonnes: We have bin through a lot” addresses the issue of food waste and the challenges of food justice today in the UK.

Most of us live on the university’s campus and have to deal with food waste every day, from the bins filled to the brim in the kitchens to the plastic of our coffee cups and sandwich wrappers. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme, 9.5 million tonnes of food are wasted in the UK every year, of which 6.7 million tonnes come from households, the equivalent of 15 billion meals. In the context of the COP26 in Glasgow, the issue of food waste has returned to the forefront of the public agenda as the food sector is responsible for more than 30% of total climate emissions.

How could artworks raise awareness about this crucial environmental issue to ensure a better future for the planet?

Our collective exhibition aims to draw attention to the large-scale impact of food waste on our environment, in the University, and in the UK in general, through mixed-media artworks of British and international artists. We will also be delivering multiple public programs as talks and workshops involving the local community to offer solutions to food waste. 

In order to create the best exhibition possible, we need you to help us to raise extra funds. Please contribute what you can!

Where will the money go?

  • Artworks' transportation: £200
  • 2D design and printing: £150
  • Public programming: £100
  • Rewards: £50

The minimum amount raised will be sufficient to create the exhibition. If we raise more than the minimum amount, we will fund extra events during the exhibition to deliver a better experience.  


For donating to our project, we have come up with some special rewards to thank you for your support: discounts in the campus' Eco Store, eco-friendly reusable coffee cups and grocery bags, limited-edition artist cards...

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Find out more about our public programming and follow our work in progress:

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We hope to see you at the gallery in May!