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Lionfish Dissertation Project, Honduras

A project by: Charley Clubley



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This project received donations on Fri 09 Feb 2018
Please help me to raise funds for a six week dissertation research project this summer.

Operation wallacea, honduras

I am raising £200 in order to participate in a six week research project in Honduras with Operation Wallacea this summer. I will be working independently to collect data on the behaviour of the invasive Lionfish on Caribbean reefs, which will then be used to create my dissertation.

I will be measuring the effects that environmental stimuli have on the feeding behaviour of the invasive Lionfish, carrying dives and dissections in order to better understand their behaviour. This is an amazing opportunity for me to provide unique research to the scientific community, and you can help me to do so!

About me

My name is Charlotte and I am a second year undergraduate at the University, studying marine biology. My passion for marine wildlife has driven me to pursue in higher education, and I hope to specialise in marine conservation as a career path once I have completed my time at University. This research trip will benefit me greatly, by not only enabling me to collect data for my final year dissertation project but also providing me with essential research skills, experience in conservation work and allowing me to carry out my fist solo research project.

What will i be doing?

During my time in Honduras I will be independently researching Lionfish behaviour, studying them through a mixture of diving to observe their in situ behaviour, tests in a laboratory to observe their ex situ behaviour and dissections to analyse their stomach contents. This data will contribute to my third year dissertation project, allowing me to gain a vast understanding of planning and carrying out a project before I leave University to start my career as a marine biologist.

The data I collect will not only be used by me, but will contribute to the ongoing research of Operation Wallacea, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of invasive Lionfish behaviour in order to develop an effective method of managing their increasing numbers.

With the help of your donations I will be able to carry out this research, and in turn you will be contributing to an expanding breadth of scientific research on invasive Lionfish on Caribbean reefs.

Where will your donations go?

Minimum target: £400 – How will this money be spent?

  • The overall cost of the trip is £2997 - this covers my accommodation, food, lectures and training
  • The £400  will contribute to the cost of return flights to and from Honduras so that I am able to arrive in the country and complete my research.
  • Any additional money will go towards the cost of internal travel within Honduras, allowing me to be safely transferred from the airport to the project location so that I can carry out my research, and be returned to the airport at the end of my trip

If my stretch target of £800 is reached the additional money will go towards the cost of essential diving equipment such as a wet suit and dive watch so that I can carry out research dives, as well as the cost of hiring other diving equipment whilst in Honduras. Additional money will also be put towards the cost of an underwater camera so that I can document my trip and use underwater photos in the presentation of my research.


In thanks of your donations I will be providing some unique rewards. Take a look on the right hand side of my project for more details.

Where to find me

I will be posting updates of my project on social media and would love for you to follow me on my journey to Honduras!

Follow my fundraising efforts on

share my story!

Donations are a crucial part of me achieving my goal but so is exposure! Please share this project with anyone you think would support me. By sharing my project you’re helping me to spread my story and achieve my overall goal – to help conserve Caribbean reefs. Please take a moment to share this project on your social media platforms, via email, to family, friends, co-workers or any way you can think of to help me to spread my project.

Thank you!