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Leaf to Edinburgh!

A project by: Carissa Wagner


WE RAISED £1,635

from 38 donors

This project received donations on Tue 11 Jul 2017
Help us branch out and leaf for the Edinburgh Fringe with our new and unusual comedy!

Help us take leaf to edinburgh

Hi! Carissa and Helen here! We're two funtastic East 15 contemporary theatre students looking for funds for our new show Leaf. We're hoping to showcase it in the Edinburgh Fringe festival this year, but because we are poor and students and also quite poor we are in need of any help and support that you could provide!

Leaf took Debut Festival by storm this year, but for us to ride the seasonal winds of summer up to Edinburgh and germinate the good people with our work, we need your help!

Leaf, written by Helen Potter, is a comedy play that is both entirely based on the truth, and an absolutely load of fictitious nonsense. As quintessentially British as the queen eating her roast dinner off a Boris bike seat (perish the thought!)

We appreciate any and all help you can give, so thank you for having a look on our page and if you can, just click on the 'sponsor' button to the right. Thanks!


“Like the b**tard child of Monty Python and the Mighty Boosh…prepare to be pleasured.’ - Jesse Briton, Bear Trap Theatre

“Monty Python meets The Mighty Boosh. Fabulously odd and laugh out loud funny” – Fat Rascal Theatre

“Leaf is an ambitious and ultimately hilarious exploration of the absurdity of life. It is a show with a lot of potential, I am eagerly awaiting what they will do next!” – Shambles Theatre

Who are we?

Potter & Wagner.

More? Well, after mildly tolerating each other’s company through the hardship of 3 years at drama school, we finally achieved a bearable working relationship that may or may not give out to graphic violence within the next few years. It was in the creation of our first show – Leaf – that we united under the majestic banner Potter & Wagner, and plan to continue on in this particular vein (excuse the nature puns boys…) Having been developed as part of East 15’s Debut Festival for 7 weeks including 2 showings in the Corbett Theatre with fantastic response, Leaf is now ready to go flying out into the next stage of development.


We are absolutely ecstatic to announce our new cast for the Edinburgh run of Leaf:

Matthew Biddulph – Cast Member (Chemical Engineer)

Former teen Heartthrob Matthew trained at East 15 Acting School and is now narrowly avoiding an existential crisis as he realises he has sacrificed any form of actual career for a lifetime of poverty just so he can occasionally pretend to be other people. He used to have a lazy eye.

acting credits include

Henry V (Regents Park Open Air Theatre), Astrov (Uncle Vanya - E15), Schmidt (Tenderloin - musical), Master Cormack (Ché Walker’s ‘Ann Bonny and Mary Read)

Helen Potter – Writer and Cast Member (Teaching Assistant)

Helen Potter spent much of her youth claiming she had been raised by wolves, playing in a rock band

that only did covers and eating the leaves of a suspicious red bush. She must now dedicate much of her life to achieving enough that people might forget those former days. This bio hasn’t helped. An energetic actor, writer and musician who trained at East 15 Acting School. Helen Potter claims no magical connection but doesn’t deny the possibility.

acting credits include

Tesla (The Alchemist), Love for Love (RSC), US (Melanie Lomoff), Three Sisters (Chris Meads)

She stood at the Window (Kirsty Housley, Complicite)

Ella Hunter-Clark – Cast Member (Bus Stop Girl)

Ella is a ginger in denial by dyeing her hair a different shade of ginger. She has so far been unsuccessful in convincing anyone that she isn’t a ginger. Faced with either acting or alcoholism as a way out, she has so far committed to theatre, but her time at East 15 Acting School will be over soon, and the wine in beckoning.

acting credits include

Mary Read (Ann Bonny and Mary Read – New play, Ché Walker), Gertie (Tenderloin, Michael Fry), Ranyevskaya (Cherry Orchard, Tristan Bates Theatre)

Carissa Wagner – Producer and Cast Member (Mother)

In a bid to follow all of those other successful

Birmingham artists (Ozzy Osbourne & Jamelia), Carissa has left (most of) her accent behind and found herself in London.She's an actress, trumpet player and comedian in her final year of East 15's BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course.

acting credits include

Jack Whitehall Gets Around (NIA), The Final Scene (Macoy Media), Tesla (The Alchemist),

Love for Love (RSC)

Also Sam Edmunds...who has not yet sent us an image or information.

Where will the money go?

The Edinburgh Fringe festival is the best possible opportunity to share our work and kickstart Leaf into the next stage of success... and of course to spread a bit of joy in what can only be described as a dark and dismal time.

We began to raise money during our performances of Leaf at Debut Festival 2017 - mostly through the sale of some naked calendars and a number of cakes to inebriated drama students - but we need more to achieve our Edinburgh dream.

Our minimum target will pay for:

  • £900 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Venue deposit
  • £200 to help pay for the printing of posters and flyers
  • £130 to pay for 6 actors to get all the way to Edinburgh
  • £400 to pay the Edinburgh Fringe Registration fee

And anything above and beyond will help pay for:

  • £1000 towards shelter for our poor actors
  • £2100 to pay for the rest of the Fringe Festival Venu


If you donate to our glorious cause, your efforts will not go unnoticed - expect to be rewarded handsomely! Check out the rewards on the right of the page and see how far you're willing to go to receive some very niche gifts and opportunities - we will go above and beyond (believe me!)

Find us here

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