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Professional Internship in Melbourne July 2017-August 2017

A project by: Hamza Rubbani


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Funds for Accommodation/Transportation needed for once in a lifetime opportunity

Summer Internship with The Intern Group 2017

I am aiming to raise £2000 for my accommodation fees and public transportation (to and from the business) for a once in a lifetime opportunity to intern abroad in Melbourne, Australia, for a professional organisation. If achieved, this will expose me to the nature of how a business operates, whilst gaining the skills and practical knowledge needed to work in a professional organisation in the future.

Who am I? 

My name is Hamza Rubbani and I am a student at the University of Essex. I am in my 1st year studying Data Science and Analytics, and live in the up and coming town of Reading, Berkshire.

My Story


"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway."
Geoffrey Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm & Inside the Tornado

All businesses have extensive amounts of data, stagnant and building up dust. The future of the global society will rely heavily on this data, and as companies store more information they will need someone to analyse it. Once the analysis is complete, the Data Analyst would meet directors or CEO's of the company to discuss findings on how to find hidden opportunities (e.g. improve sales) based on that data. I came to know of data management 2 years ago, and have been interested in the new field of study so much that I want to make a career of it.

This internship in Melbourne (a city known for its technological advances) could be a springboard to getting myself on to the Graduate ladder, especially as a 1st year student. Gaining experience analysing data in a professional environment is beneficial to my education and knowledge.

The demand for Data Analysts in the modern era is very high, but the supply is limited since the field is so new - help me be a promising graduate in the Data Industry in the future by donating towards my internship! Grateful for any donation!

About the Internship

I came across The Intern Group through the University of Essex Careers department and was thoroughly impressed by the standard of professional internships they place their applicants. Thus competition for the course was very high - 20,000 globally to be precise. As a 1st year student I thought this would be a tough ask to compete with people older than me, but after the interview and the course director read my CV, they offered me the chance of a lifetime.

So now I am officially on the internship programme, I will be holding meetings with various companies in the next coming months to find which company would be a complementary match. I will find out exactly which company I will be working for at around March or April 2017.

Where will the money go? 

If the minimum target is raised, here is where it will go:

  • £1600 accommodation fees for the duration of my internship in Melbourne
  • £400 Transportation rail card to and from the business in Melbourne

If the ideal target is raised :

  • £600 Money to spend when there on laundry/food for lunch break/weekly shop/etc.
  • £400 Weekend excursions with other interns and social/cultural events

Rewards - On right hand side of this page

Find my LinkedIn profile


I will be posting regularly on LinkedIn, so follow me and find out how I get on!

Help us succeed! 

If anyone can share the link through various social media platforms I would be very grateful! Don't forget to donate to this amazing opportunity...THANKS! :)