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Fieldtrip to Indonesia

A project by: Rebecca Daniel


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This project received donations on Mon 19 Mar 2018
A tropical resource & conservation management course in Wakatobi National Park

A short summary of MY project

I'm fundraising for a fieldtrip to Hoga Island in Indonesia. This will involve 2 weeks of training in how to carry out scientific diving, biodiversity assessments and Environment Impact Assessments (EIAs). We will be working with the local community, and conducting a small research project which will be presented to the group.

Who am I?

I am a Masters student at University of Essex, currently studying Tropical Marine Biology. Previously, I conducted my Biological Sciences Undergraduate Degree at Durham University. I have always had an affinity for the oceans, and want to dedicate my life to protecting them. This course will enable me to pursue a career in Marine Biology by providing me with valuable professional skills and field experience to help save our oceans!

A bit more about the Fieldtrip

This fieldtrip forms part of my 'Tropical Marine Resources' module. Tropical marine ecosystems provide important resources both locally and globally, supporting the livelihoods of more than 1/2 billion people. These resources are threatened by a number of different factors including global change, overexploitation, and coastal development.

The expedition will allow me to explore the biodiversity and ecology of coral reefs and mangroves, and critically examine conservation management within the remote Wakatobi Marine National Park. It will provide me with dive training and research diving experience. The research centre is located amongst the local communities, who possess different traditions and resource uses. Communication with different stakeholders is a key component of our fieldwork, and is a vital responsibility of any Marine Conservationist.

Where will the money go?

  • £1300 on International & Domestic Flights
  • £1200 on Indonesian Transport, Accomodation, Food & Diving
  • £18 Airport Tax
  • £210 for Dive & Snorkle Kit Hire (£15 per day)
  • £60 for Dive Training & Manuals

Total = £2788

The travel costs are so large due to the distance I have to travel; its going to take 2 days, 3 flights, one night's hotel stay, and a ferry to get to Hoga. (And the same on the way home!)

I have not included any spending money in these costings and any additional money raised over my target will be spent on hiring underwater camera equipment, as I am a keen photographer and would love to get some photos and footage whilst in this amazing marine park!


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Here are some pictures taken in Wakatobi. As you can see the coral and other wildlife is insane, this is due to Indonesia being within the Coral Triangle. I have never been anywhere with such diversity and am so excited to dive here!

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