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Help Us Get "How Dead Am I?" to The Fringe in Edinburgh!

A project by: Jillian Osborne

pledged of £6,000 target
A devised dark comedy about death, limbo, and being confronted with the truths of human perception.

HELLO!!! We are Fixed House Theatre Co., and we are fundraising to take our completely new and totally unhinged show "How Dead Am I?" to the EDINBURGH FRINGE!


What IS "How Dead Am I"?

"How Dead Am I?" is an absurd, highly physical dark comedy exploring our shared inevitable fate! Inside our late night corner store, we confront (and make fun of) the joy and discomfort of being human, as well as the inescapable judgment and longing that happens in connecting with each other. This show is a tapestry of our 6 different languages, composed music, and dance! “How Dead Am I?” has been written and created by our international, queer-fronted company Fixed House Theatre. 


Free snacks you say…?

That’s right! We’ll have an assortment of corner store usuals at each performance, so all you need to do is show up, get comfy, and let us take you somewhere you’ve only ever imagined…


This show must have been quite the undertaking while you were all training full-time at drama school??

No… what would make you think that…?! As an ensemble, we are passionate about producing new works that bring some light in the darkness, whether that may be just a bit of laughter to someone who desperately needs it or giving a voice to those who feel voiceless, ultimately our goal is to inspire and foster authentic connection as a way through this absurd thing called life. The Fringe is an amazing opportunity for us to spread this spirit of togetherness and your support will help us reach people of myriad backgrounds, as we make connections and gain exposure for our company that will help us continue developing impactful works in the future!


Isn’t self-producing a show expensive?

One hundred percent. Even split between a group of seven, we’re not able to do this on our own. Our ultimate fundraising goal is £6,000. This includes:

-            Edinburgh Fringe registration costs

-            A two-week run at our fabulous venue (C Aurora Studio Theatre at Lauriston Hall with C Arts!)

-            Travel and accommodation for seven performers and our stage manager to and from Edinburgh

-            Flyerage

-            Minimal set and costume

-            Per diem for food while at Fringe

 If we surpass our goal, we will use any additional funds to cover venue and registration fees for:

-            Our one night Camden Fringe preview on August 2nd!

-            Costs of partial ticket sales paid to the venues

-            Development workshops with industry professionals

-            Potentially even a photographer (what!!)

 We are hoping to be able to reimburse ourselves for these significant costs, aligning ourselves with our company principles to create art that is sustainable and life-giving both for audiences and the artists involved.