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Tap That

A project by: Antony Churchill



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This project received donations on Fri 25 May 2018
Every Action Counts!

We are 'Tap That':

and we're attempting to raise £317 (£168.50) to purchase re-usable water bottles. We're a group of students who want to radically challenge the way we use and dispose of water bottles on campus. Specifically, we want to gift students with re-usable water bottles, and divorce their reliance on plastic consumption for good!

Who are WE?

We are a group of third year students, who are striving for a change on our University of Essex Colchester campus. We are also part of Essex Sustainability.

Your story

Our planet is taking a beating everyday. Not only are humans polluting the air with toxic gasses, but we are polluting the sea with plastic bottles (seen recently from BBC's Blue Planet). We at 'Tap That' firm believers that change doesn't have to start at a governmental level, and would like to persuade YOU to do your bit to reduce plastic consumption and waste.

Our ultimate goal is to outright ban plastic consumption on campus , and supplement this habit with personal water bottles. Believe it's impossible? Think again! The University of Leeds have banned their's back 2009, and the University of Sheffield in 2011 . Single-use bottles have been one of the biggest contributors to water-pollution, and we would like you to join us in reducing this by banning them on campus. For now, we would like to raise money to give out water-bottles to those committed as well as, introduce a new policy to the University to ban the sale of bottles.

We believe this would not be a great blow to students, as we want to ensure the University readily supplies re-usable water bottles on campus to alleviate this. The first step to this milestone however, is to encourage students to become accustomed to using their own water-bottles. We would like to make this happen. But first, we need your help!

Where will the money go?

The money you donate will not stay in our hands for long. Our only intention is to use however much we raise to give to those willing to make a change. That means if we raise £100, we will spend all of it on water bottles and nothing more.

We will be spending the money on the best value water bottles on [hambleside-merchandise.co.uk] which currently stands at £3.17 each, or £317 for 100 bottles. We believe this is the best value for money, made from aluminium, and can easily fit in a student's bag. Anything less of the target will have to go towards purchasing bottles individually from Amazon, which cost more per unit, therefore, we are passionately committed to reaching our target.


We would like to thank donors with their own free bottles when the project is completed. If that does not satisfy you, then we would be happy to give you a shout out on social media.

Images and video

Find us here

If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate in contacting me on:

Antony Churchill - achurcb@essex.ac.uk

Help us succeed!

We appreciate all donations, and support. If you cannot donate, and are a Student of the University of Essex, please support us by Voting YES on the ban of plastic bottles on campus.

Thank you for your attention!

-'Tap That'