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Wildlife Sense Volunteering Project

A project by: Evelina Muliuolyte



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wildlife sense greece volunteering project. let's save sea turtles!


I am raising £900 to take a part in the volunteering project Wildlife Sense. It will last 2 weeks and take place in Kefalonia, Greece. The aim of this project is to protect endangered sea turtle species and make sure that they have all the right conditions to hatch.

about me

My name is Evelina and I am a first-year Biomedical Science student at the University of Essex. However, I do not want only to get a degree, I want to gain experience. I realized that for that I need to do something new before the beginning of my second year. This opportunity has drawn my attention because it is clearly the definition of extraordinary.

What i am going to do

As I am passionate about biosciences and travelling, this opportunity is a challenge I am eager to face. Sea turtles have been living on our Earth for more than 100 million years and even though some people might think that turtles are not that important, they are a part of many significant food chains. The decrease in their population might have a terrible impact on other animals and plants.  Thus, I believe that by participating in Wildlife Sense I will make a positive contribution towards the environment.

The role includes loads of activities. First of all, we will survey the beaches every day in the early morning, searching for new turtle nests. Afterwards, we will mark and measure all of them and also run continuous examinations to check for any damage. Artificial light is a serious threat to hatching turtles. Since turtles have an innate instinct that leads them to the brightest direction, the artificial light might mislead them towards places, where they may be eaten or run over. That is why we will collect data about light pollution and its source.

I believe that by volunteering abroad I will get international experience, cultural awareness, and independence. Also, I will obtain skills such as data collection, research, and conservation. The experience will broaden my horizons and develop me as a person while the skills will benefit me in my future career. Even though beach conservation is not directly connected to Biomedical Science, research and data collection skills are key parts of working in the laboratory.

Where will the money go?


Programme fee ( £450):

Accommodation in apartments shared with the rest of the team

Food (students cook their own meals)

Researcher t-shirt

Ongoing training and project operation cost

Travel insurance (provided by the University)

Flights and transport ( £ 300):

Minibus transport to UK airport & airport pickup and drop off in Kefalonia, Greece

Return flight to Kefalonia

Personal Expenses and vaccinations ( £150)


The extra money would be used for additional expenses. For example, fluctuating flight and personal kit costs.


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