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Wildlife sense - Conservation of sea turtles

A project by: Emily Eaton


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This project received donations on Tue 30 May 2017
2 weeks volunteer work in Kefalonia to help research and conserve Loggerhead sea turtle populations

About ME

My name is Emily Eaton, I'm a first-year undergraduate at the University of Essex studying for a BSc in Marine Biology.

I have always been interested in how the ocean works, how every living thing has a role to play to keep the balance of the sea, it's something I am truly fascinated by and would love to gain even better knowledge about!

I am truly committed to the marine world, there is nothing I want more than to help educate people on how every species is important in the ocean!

We can do so much to help, such as fund research and conservation projects or help aid the protection of endangered species such as the sea turtles I would love to help conserve through this project.

project DETAILS

The aim of the project is to help aid the conservation of Loggerhead sea turtles by projecting the nests the mothers commute so high up the beach to lay.  The nesting beaches are monitored throughout from the incubation stages where accidental damage can occur through to the hatching stage where the juveniles face great dangers such as predators, poachers and even light pollution.

Our aim is to prevent any dangers that may occur to the hatchlings by helping re arrange the nest sites and help aid the turtles towards the shore. Hatchlings can often get confused and crawl in the wrong direction due to light pollution never making it to the sea, with our help we could aid them in the right direction!

Being on this volunteer project would help widen my knowledge about different marine species (especially turtles) as well as gain more experience out in the field, help aid the conservation of the turtles and investigate what factors affect the chance of their offspring’s survival.


The minimum target I need to raise would be £900, this would cover the costs of:

  • Accommodation, which is a shared apartment with cooking facilities
  • Travel insurance
  • The correct field training and support from leaders in Kefalonia
  • Food - a vegetarian food kitty is provided where we all can cook together
  • A researcher's T-shirt
  • Transport to the beaches using bicycles

Up to £350 (dependent on costs) for return flights to Kefalonia from the UK, and transport to the airport.

If I raised more than this amount, I will try to join another volunteering session and purchase better quality kit for research activities and better equipment to provide higher quality images.

Stretch Goal: £1000


As part of my volunteering trip I will be creating a multimedia record of everything I do in Kefalonia  and will be sharing this on my social media platforms as well as posting to my Instagram account over the course of the 2 weeks in September.

To find out more check out the following links:




I would be extremely grateful if you could donate any amount of money towards helping this vulnerable species! Even if you can't donate, helping me by promoting my crowdfunding page will also be appreciated muchly. Help me to protect the environment and to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity