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Umphafa Volunteering Project

A project by: Danielle Azevedo Correia


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This project received donations on Mon 06 Feb 2017
Volunteering abroad in South Africa!

I am aiming to raise £1,800 to volunteer abroad in South Africa with UmPhafa Natural Reserve to assist with research and data collection that helps UmPhafa's goal in 'rehabilitating the habitat of the reserve and to achieve a model of sustainable conservation for the development and promotion of environmental education'.

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Danielle and I am in my final year studying International Relations at the University of Essex.

My story

The reason I have chosen to volunteer with UmPhafa is because they are providing a golden opportunity to experience field-work while combining skills and expertise that I have learnt in a classroom.

I am doing this because I am so intrigued on how they perform research on natural sustainability and environmental impact, especially rehabilitating natural reserves that is a home for amazing animals like Elephants - they are my favourite animal! I also enjoy the chance to actually volunteer my free time to do something good and meaningful, while gaining beneficial experience and insight to a possible future in statistical and survey work.

With this volunteering internship, I get to enhance my skills in researching and collecting vital data that is necessary to making decisions for the management of the natural reserve. I even develop additional and cool skills in the field of conservation while working with animals. This internship can give me useful skills and experience on how to apply my knowledge of statistics through a means of environmental and sustainability education, with hands-on experience rather than sitting down and looking at a computer. It gives an opportunity to field-work experience, that is rare to have within the UK. Furthermore, it may allow me to see if a further education in sustainability and environment studies, is a step I would like to take.

Some of the activities that I would participate in the internship:

  • Animal behavioural Studies (large game such as Rhino and Giraffe)
  • Camera Trap Surveys
  • Vegetation Surveys (an essential element with regards to animal carrying capacities)
  • Animal sighting data collection, entry and analysis

Awesome right? I know, I know.

What is the money for?

Here a short and sweet breakdown of where the money goes to:

  • Program Fee including excursions fee, accommodation and food: £750
  • Flights and Transport: £700 - 900

What's included specifically?

  • Minibus transport to UK airport & airport pickup and drop off in South Africa
  • Return flight to Durban
  • Accommodation in single sex dorm rooms
  • Food (3 meals per day – you do your own cooking)
  • Orientation and ongoing training and 24/7 Field leader support
  • Internet access
  • Excursions (Nambiti drive, Spioenkop, Monks Cowl, Reptile Centre and Bird of prey display)
  • Travel insurance


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