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Bobo - The Intermission Clown

A project by: Martha Olufsen


WE RAISED £1,420

from 18 donors

This project received donations on Wed 21 Jul 2021
An honest portrait of a true artist set to revolutionize performing arts

The Project

Hi everyone! My name is Martha Olufsen, and I am raising money for my short film "Bobo - The Intermission Clown".


Introducing Bobo. A clown artiste danois determined to change the rushed and capitalist ways of performing arts.  

Bobo aims for nothing but the stars - witness the transcending journey towards them in this raw and honest portrait.

However bumpy this voyage may be, Bobo never compromises with the ambitious ideal of true art.  



"Heart-aching and breath-taking"

"A window into the astonishing mind of a serious artist"


- quotes by famous people and magazines


For Bo-bookings please email boob.o99yahoo.com(bobo@yahoo.com was taken).  




"Bobo - The Intermission Clown" is a piece of absurd, psychological, tragic clown comedy with a generous amount of self-irony mashed into a vlog-style mockumentary

Who are you?

I am a an actress and writer from Denmark studying on my final year of the BA Acting International at East 15. 

I have performed, written and directed plays at theatres in Copenhagen, and I am writing new work for stage, film and graphic novels. 

I am submitting "Bobo - The Intermission Clown" to film festivals in the UK and in Denmark. After this, Bobo dreams of the short film being aired on TV as well!

Where will the money go?

  • If I reach my minimum, I will be spending the money on the right equipment for shooting the short film. If I exceed my minimum, I will be spending the money on help from a director and entry fees for film festivals. 
  • Breakdown of costs:
  • Camera and audio equipment:  £800
  • Editing: £300
  • Production costs: £200
  • Variables: £100
  • Director: £200
  • Entry to film festivals: £250


  • Donate £10 and Bobo will message you a signed picture for you to print and stick on your wall next to your other idols! 
  • Donate £25 and Bobo will message you a signed picture including a heartfelt thank you note!
  • Donate £50 and Bobo will message you golden words of wisdom, dedicated personally to you AND you will be mentioned in the credits (Bobo promised)! 

A snippet of what you're in for

Bobo on clown work in progress.

Help Bobo  Change the world

  • You don't need to give money to help Bobo and me. Please share this project with anyone you think would be interested in helping with making this touching story come to life. Thank you from both of us :)