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Reef Research Using 3D Technologies

A project by: Simon Wright



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This project received donations on Thu 24 Aug 2017
Researching coral reefs in 3-dimensions in the Philippines to assess and preserve them


I'm raising £2000 to complete my Master thesis which require field research in the Philippines with Coral Cay this Summer.  This is a fantastic unique opportunity to increase my experience as an independent researcher and enable me to put into practice skills and learning I have been developing through the course of my Tropical Marine Biology Masters in Essex University. The thesis research focuses around Coral and developing methods of monitoring and researching it.

About me

My name is Simon Wright and I am a Masters student in Tropical Marine Biology at the University of Essex.  I began my course in October 2016 because I have always had a passion for the sea and as a keen scuba diver with a love of the environment, I am concerned about marine pollution and how it affects not only the future of the sea but also the future of the planet. Furthering my knowledge in this field in order to be able to contribute to protecting it is important to me.

my story

This research will involve creating ways of monitoring coral reef systems and looking in detail at marine habitat structure in particular in the way in which it relates to fish and invert communities.

I intend to create computerised 3D models of reef structures using a dive camera and a laptop, which can be done in the field. The idea is to allow conservation organisations to have benchmarks/baselines and systems that enable them to measure reef health in a way which is low cost and practical yet much more accurate, thus making it easier to monitor and conserve our coral reef systems- which is vital to maintain the health of not just our oceans but our planet.This is an example of a 3D coral I have created while testing methods: https://sketchfab.com/models/7675a5da17ba43aeba70378feeffa621

Where will the money go?

Breakdown of the costs:

- Research Expenses- £400

- Equipment: £300

- Accommodation: £400

If I get more money than I expected it will enable me to purchase more sophisticated equipment to conduct the research while I am away and may enable me to stay in the field longer and support other work in Coral Cay, thus further helping the marine environment.


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Find me here

I will (internet willing in the Philippines!) be updating my website www.bioranger.co.uk with news on my research.  Please also find me on LinkedIn .

Help me succeed!

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  • Having said that if you can support this project please do sponsor me to help make this happen, it will not just help me make this research project a reality but help the future of the marine environment