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Help Us, Apparently

A project by: Monica Forero



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This project received donations on Fri 12 Aug 2016
Help Get Theatre, Apparently's "Slightly Too Dark" Show to the Fringe!

I Keep a Woman in My Flat Chained to a Radiator

Socially-awkward Stephen is a twenty something we can all relate to. He's hopelessly lonely, he hates his job and he keeps a woman shackled to his plumbing. But tonight is different. Tonight Stephen is preparing for a hot date with help of the female manacled to his water main. They discuss everything from Sandra Bullock to white privilege and the sex appeal of investment bankers, but never mention the elephant in the room. A hilarious, fast paced, black comedy about a kidnapper and his victim.

"This piece of theatre holds nothing back, almost yelling at social etiquette through its dark jokes by saying WHY THE HELL NOT?" 8/10 - Impact

"Really smart, whimsical and bawdy dark humour... excellently executed"  ★★★★ - Her Campus

A Brief History of Events

The company was founded in 2015 by two men of great mirth, Lord Alex Well-King of Surrey (Writer/Actor) and Sir Adam Willis of Essex (Writer/Director). After cohabiting for two years and numerous beers they decided to enter into business together.

They met two wonderful women along the way.

Monica Forero (Actor); ferocious as a coot and Emma Kendall (Producer); good for quotas.

An unstoppable team, destined to take the Fringe by storm.

Company Ethics

We use comedy to tackle serious and thought-provoking issues in a way that doesn't beat the audience across the head. We believe that being serious and being solemn are two different things and this allows us to use silliness as a medium to discuss difficult topics.

Your input to the project is so,so crucial. You are like the megaphone that we use to project our booming voice from, allowing us to be heard by far more people. To be louder, to be bigger and to make a far greater positive social effect than we could do without your help.

The Toys our Parents Refuse to Pay for

Our Minimum:

  • £190 for all the pretty posters and flyers we need to print
  • £143 for the pleasant 800 mile game of I,Spy from London to Edinburgh and back again.
  • £20 So that Paypal don't break our legs.
  • £265 to cover our rewards.

= £618

If you really like us:

  • £50 Venue Fees
  • £100 Perishable props (we use real food that we replace for every show)
  • £1800 for Shelter
  • £100 Sophisticated online marketing. 
  • £40 Payment for volunteers
  • £30 Mani-pedi for cast and crew (Optional)

= £2708

Browse our Wares

I suppose you're probably wondering what you get out of all this, eh?

For £2 you will receive a personalised Thank you Email!!

For £5 you will be listed as one of our prestigious Patrons, Apparently!!

For £10 you will receive an Official I keep a Woman in My Flat Chained to a Radiator T-Shirt!!

For £100 you will receive a romantic Evening for 2 planned by Round-Headed Bachelor, Adam Willis!!

For £150 you will receive a platonic but mor enjoyable Evening for 2 planned by The Handsome Alex Well-King!!

For £155 an evening planned by both of them!!

For £0 you will receive Nothing!!

For Breaking News

Need information fast?

Visit our websitehttp://theatreapparently.co.uk/

Or failing that.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheatreApparently/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApparentTheatre

Snapchat: Theatreapp

Tinder: Just keep swiping you'll find us eventually.

Some Last Minute Brown-Nosing

We really do genuinely appreciate all the support that has been given to us, and we are very aware that not all of you are in the financial position where it is easy to donate. However before you swallow down your guilt and crawl back to wherever it is that poor people like you live. SHARE our funding page. On Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on the tube, on the bus. Wherever you can, just please get the word out there. Make this happen for us and I promise you'll sleep a lot easier for it.


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