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Al Dente Theatre are heading upto Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the worlds largest arts festival.

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Who We Are

Hello! And welcome to Al Dente Theatre's Click Funding Campaign. 

We are a company formed of Graduates of East 15 Acting School's BA Physical Theatre course. Since graduating in 2018 we have created a variety of productions. From causing chaos with our walkabout acts, to our lovable brothers David & Sam at Brighton Fringe.

our story

Here at Al Dente we create comical, bizarre, visual and charming theatre for all!! Our aim is to tell stories and bring enjoyment to people's lives. We like to allow our audiences to forget about the outside world and be submerged within the ones we create. We like to laugh. We like to hear laughter. Laughter to us is so important!

 So why would you want to donate to us? Well by donating you'd be helping a young emerging theatre company to find its feet. Finances are always a struggle and by donating you'd allow us to not feel the struggle as much. 

By donating you are effectively donating a moment of laughter and giving someone else the opportunity to be entertained by us! 

We haven't made any money from our company because we are doing it simply for the love of it. It's in our nature to entertain and that is what we want to do. We work in other jobs six days a week to support ourselves financially and we are beginning to really get our Al Dente Ball rolling! 

Underbelly have given us the opportunity to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019! Something which could really allow our company to grow. By donating you would be financially supporting us on our adventure to the largest Arts Festival in the world!!! 

The Show

Join farmers David and Sam, as they share with you their untold adventures, full of mishaps and misfortunes. Unfortunately they can't promise facts. They can't even promise to make it to the end of the show. But they can promise an anarchic kaleidoscope of physical comedy, mediocre magic and a love story with a cow. Complete with a disco soundtrack, David and Sam are sure to put a smile on everyone's face! 'Time Flies is a bit like War Horse but with a cow' (Rich Rusk, Associate Director for Gecko Theatre).

Where will the money go?

The money donated will go towards our Adventure in Edinburgh! It will financially support us to get to and cover our costs in Edinburgh. In particular it will go towards the following costs:

-Venue -£300

 -Transport -£100

-Costume & Props - £100

These costs are heavy indeed. And every penny donated counts! Our ideal amount is £800. This would allow us to really create a brilliant production and would go towards;

- Rehearsals

- Marketing

- Even better props & Costumes!  


Our comical Characters will thank you some way and some how. You can be sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts for what's install... 

Find us here

Take a look at what we've been up to on our journey on social media!

Facebook: Al Dente Theatre Twitter: Al Dente TheatreInstagram: Al Dente TheatreWebsite: www.aldentetheatre.co.ukYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=al+dente+theatre+company 


Thanks for reading or just scrolling this far. Please donate if you can, you’ve got this far so why not! 

If you can’t financially support then don’t stress. Every ounce of support adds up. So share our social media posts and keep up to date with our adventure. 

Thanking you! Thanks so much! Thanks!

Al Dente Theatre Company.