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Coral Reef Fish Behaviour Research Project

A project by: Abi Bellamy


WE RAISED £1,100

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This project received donations on Sat 24 Mar 2018
Researching the role of herbivorous fish behaviour in maintaining coral reefs on Hoga, Indonesia

A short summary of my project

I'm raising £1500 to help fund my expedition to Hoga in Indonesia for 8 weeks for research and data collection on the coral reefs around the island. My main focus will be on how herbivorous fish play an important role in maintaining coral reefs, and using this information to help conserve reefs.

MY story

My name is Abi Bellamy and I am currently studying MSc Tropical Marine Biology at the University of Essex. I've always loved the ocean since I was a child, and my love grew every time I visited family on the coast or went on holidays as a child. My parents encouraged my passion by providing opportunities and experiences that directly related to the oceans, such as providing me with equipment and teaching me to dive. I have risen up to Rescue Diver level, with hopes of becoming a Divemaster one day to fulfill my goal of becoming a great conservation research scientist.

Where will the money go?

Money raised will go to Operation Wallacea, and will pay for volunteers food and accommodation, as well as wages for scientists and researchers. The organisation regularly publish peer reviewed papers from information gathered by researchers such as myself, which can all help towards reef conservation on a global scale with evidence gathered from volunteers.

The money raised will go towards:

  • Travel - £500
  • Accommodation and food - £700
  • Use of equipment to conduct my research £300


There are some rewards for donating on the right of this page, the higher the donation, the better the reward!

An example of fish likely to be seen on the reef

Previous research I conducted in the Red Sea, also on fish behaviour. I will be wearing the bright yellow BCD in Indonesia again!

Pufferfish says thank you for reading my page, and please donate and/or share this!

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How can you help ME succeed?

I understand that not everyone has the money to give to causes such as this, but anything you can give would be greatly received, every little helps! But if you can't donate, please consider sharing this page to spread the word and help me reach my goal!

Thank you so much!