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THE DIP comes to London!

A project by: Nick Mauldin



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This project received donations on Mon 04 Feb 2019
Psychedelic gig-comedy THE DIP performs in London at The Space for four performances only!

Following a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, the dip  comes to London for four performances only!

    Critically-acclaimed psychedelic gig-comedy THE DIP returns for its highly anticipated London run at The Space, Isle of Dogs performing 29, 30 January | 01, 02 February 2019. 

"an unstoppable laughter machine." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ binge fringe

    Meet Al. He means well, eats his greens and sometimes smokes them too. As he struggles to express his feelings for his mate Nic, the drugs take hold.

    With clowning, confetti cannons, harpoon Nerf guns, a 6ft tyrannical police fish and the Baba Ganoush Gestapo spitting out psychedelic rock, adrenaline and funk, THE DIP is the best bad trip of a lifetime.

"It’s wonderful, batshit chaos." ⭐⭐⭐⭐ the skinny

What is Milk and blood?

Absurd. Funny. Moving. 

Based in Wales and London, Milk and Blood was founded by Eifion Ap Cadno in 2018 while training on the Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School.

Through new writing, devising, original music, bold design and improvisation, we create work that is honest, risk-taking, and doesn’t pull punches. Come into our world and you’ll leave with wide eyes, sore abs and a hunger to do it all over again. 

"the jokes and physical theatre come thick and fast" ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Theatre Weekly

"This high-energy lunacy won me over" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ uktw

For our first London run we're asking for £500 to help us cover:

  • Company insurance - After dropping Josh on his face and Flatfish smacking the stage lights every night, it'd be great to cover our asses in the event we set The Space on fire or maim Ian McKellen.
  • Costumes - We'd like for Issac Murphy to wear more than just a towel on stage. TOWELS ARE NOT WORTHY OF ROCK GODS!!!
  • Props - Our current harpoon looks impotent and our company cactus, Kelly, was brutally murdered, so we want to replace those amongst other things.
  • Rehearsal space - While Eifion's flat is cozy and clean with slick countertops and a modern, open-floor design, it is not an ideal space for the cast to do backflips or the band to spit out funky fresh jams at 2 in the morning. The Space is.
  • Eifion's bald spot - He needs..... help. Lots of German Caffeine Shampoo and horse tranquillisers. 
  • Set - The desk we took to Edinburgh is on its last leg! BA-DUM-TSSS! Seriously though, it's ruined. Nick took the show title too literally and dipped way too hard on the desk. It's screwed! (Sorry, just had to throw that last one in there)
  • Company car - That Lambo ain't gonna pay for itself! HAHAHAHA! Give us money!
  • Posters and flyers - We're about to cover every building in Greater London with our sexy posters - designed by the wonderful Becca White - and with your help, we'll even cover Big Ben in them!! After all the scaffolding is removed...

"Fills the important niche of reminding us that it is possible for LGBT people to exist without inherent sadness" Wales arts review


  • £5 - A shout out on our social media and a thank you in the show programme! 
  • £10 - A handwritten thank you, a wonderful selection of Milk and Blood badges, a shout out on our social media outlets and a thank you in the show program!
  • £25 - All of the above PLUS one of THE DIP'S rocking t-shirts with Becca White's super sexy design, guaranteed to get you free drinks at every bar you go to in the world!
  • £50 - All of the above PLUS PLUS a new and exclusive beautifully drawn comic of THE DIP by Nick Young!

The Dip Trailer

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Website: https://www.milkandblood.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMilkAndBlood

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/milkandbloodtheatre/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milkandbloodtheatre/

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