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The Bettermylk Co.

A project by: Maggi Blankson


WE RAISED £2,427

from 40 donors

This project received pledges on Fri 08 Jul 2016

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Praying your business flourishes Maggs. Continue to remain passionate and determined about it. You'll reap all your hard work soon in Jesus' name x

My warm regards to you all and wishing y'all a very successful entrepreneurial undertaking. It is inspirational to see fresh graduates come up with entrepreneurial idea and with such zeal to see it through. Stay focused, always, you will do very well. All the best. Kofi Charles

I look forward to drinking some better mylk :)

All the best - praying for great success in every endeavor you put your hands to! Amazing job so far keep pushing!!

Great tasting drink. Wishing you lots of success. Barry

Good luck!!

Goodluck !!! Proud!!! Zeek

Best of luck

Good luck Maggie! It's an awesome Mylkshake!

Good luck Maggie!