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UmPhafa South African Project

A project by: Siril Grini


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This project received donations on Mon 13 Feb 2017
Help me help African Wildlife at the UmPhafa nature reserve in South Africa.

What is umphafa and what is this trip all about?

UmPhafa is a private nature reserve in South-Africa, with connections to Colchester Zoo. On my two-week trip there, I will be volunteering at the reserve, thus helping protect wildlife and nature and further research in several different fields.

Who am i?

My name is Siril Grini. I'm a third year English Literature (BA) student, originally from Norway. I'm 21 years old, and I love travelling (despite my fear of flying), nature and volunteering, which is why this project appeals to me in every way!

I'm going to africa????

Yes, I am going to Africa! South Africa, to be more precise. I'm going to volunteer at the UmPhafa nature reserve, where I will be helping conserve nature, as well as further important research.

This begs the question, why am I going on this trip? For one, I have never been outside of Europe, and am eager to experience a different culture and country. Secondly, I strongly care about the environment and the conservation of nature. The Earth sees too much destruction at the hands of humans, which is why I want to be one of the people to give something back and help take care of our planet and the other creatures that live here.

By supporting my project, you will contribute to the fulfillment of one of my dreams, as well as help me develop new skills and a more global outlook. More importantly, you will be supporting the running of the UmPhafa nature reserve, helping with the conservation of threatened species such as giraffes and leopards.

Find out more about UmPhafa here .

Where will the money go?

The money is going to fund different costs of my trip, including:

  • The flight from London to South-Africa and back: £700-900
  • Programme fee (accommodation, food, excursions): £750
  • Personal kit, vaccinations and other personal expenses: £250+

Any money that is raised above the expenses I need for the trip will be donated to UmPhafa to help further their work!


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