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Obscene to be Seen Performance

A project by: Alex Lyons



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This project received donations on Fri 16 Sep 2022
Raising money to The Vulvaplicity collective to help make their performance, Obscene to be Seen

A short summary of your project

The Vulvaplicity Collective is formed of a group of emerging artists who identify as female, non-binary, trans and queer and was formed as part of Alex Lyons' PhD project at East 15, University of Essex. We are seeking financial support of £650 to help create our performance, Obscene to be Seen at Clifftown Theatre, Southend-on-Sea.

Obscene to be Seen is a 45-minute performance that combines myths and autobiographical stories to dismantle the taboos around bodies. Exploring themes of gender, sexuality and the representation of vulvas, this performance unearths a historical trajectory of oppressed bodies within patriarchal systems. Unconventional gallery art meets abject performance art and comedy in this critique of sexual politics. Obscene to be Seen challenges the absurd lengths the patriarchy has gone to to put identities of women, gender non-conformists, trans and queer folk in a catastrophic state of fragility.

This performance aims to connect people to queer voices and stories, raise awareness of queer issues, provide a sense of community and acceptance and introduce people to perhaps new themes and ways of thinking. Part of the donation money will also be put towards the filming of the performance with planned screenings at various locations in order to raise a intergenerational conversation around the topics of gender and sexuality 

All help is hugely appreciated! If you are unable to give, then please consider sharing this page and help spread our cause.

Thank you x

Who are you? The Collective/Performers

Alex Lyons is a queer, neurodivergent, feminist performance artist and PhD candidate in Drama and Performance at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex. Her work explores gender and sexuality, analysing the many myths, taboos and binaries that surround bodily morphology. Her current work is interested in how performance can provide a methodology in relation to defying patriarchy and heteronormativity, finding explorative strategies that encourage new modes of being and understanding beyond normative narratives. She has presented performance work at Cambridge Junction, Mumford Theatre, Queen Mary University, EAT ME & SPEW, Marisa Carnesky’s Radical Cabaret School, Tramshed, amongst others. She currently works at the Vagina Museum which is the first bricks and mortar dedicated to vulvas, vaginas and gynaecological anatomy.

Anna Armitage is a non-binary queer creative from North Yorkshire. They are currently studying World Performance at East 15 Drama School, Southend-On-Sea. Anna is a writer, storyteller, performer and artist. They have organised music installations and been part of immersive art events which look at fragmentation of material and adaptation to explore complex themes, such as identity and body politics. 

Orlanda Forrest is a neurodivergent actor, performance and visual artist. She has a BA in Acting and Physical theatre at East 15 Acting school and has extensive training in Circus Arts, specialising in aerial (Trapeze). Her work is interested in the body's connection to nature, focusing mainly on how our bodies can explore the self. Her current work explores themes of feminism, gender, erotica and sex work, looking at ways that performance can dismantle the policing and politizing of bodies. Orlanda has performed in different venues across London and Essex and is currently working on a physical theatre production based in Devon by theatre company NDP Circus. 

Daniel Memory is a queer performance artist, drag artist, and regular artist. They explore spirituality, love, and life in relation to transness, queerness, and fatness. They use a range of mediums including poetry, painting and live art. Their work seeks to celebrate queerness and take the power out of shame by putting shame in the spotlight. Daniel has presented work at Runt of the Litter and Cheeseburger CAF and is currently developing a verbatim piece centring trans experiences.

Your story

This project is being undertaken as part of Alex Lyons' final PhD performance at East 15, University of Essex. This is a performance for bodies that refuse to conform within normative narratives which includes a rich plurality of identities and experiences. Our aims for political change derive from the urgency to deconstruct and reconstruct established norms within society, when our very existence is deemed as political. 

Through this work, we hope to engage fellow queer folk to feel seen by their peers, and encourage them to feel empowered in the bodies they have, which all too often feel in direct opposition to societal norms. This performance is a subversion from the norm, through the queering of myths, stories and patriarchal ideologies. This performance is an expression of queer joy, something considered transgressive in itself within our current society.

Where will the money go?


I am fundraising for the documentation, production development and supporting costs of the show. Please find below a breakdown of where and what your money will go towards:

  • Photographer: £150
  • Videographer(s) and editor: £350
  • Development Co-ordinator: £150


    If we exceed our minimum and reach our stretch goal, I will be using the additional costs to help with:

    • Further production/marketing costs (Posters/Flyers): £50
    • Additional Set (including foyer exhibition equipment and resources): £100
    • Performers Travel expenses: £100
    • Costumes and props: £100

    Any funds I raise over my stretch target will go towards the next stage of development of Obscene to be Seen.


    £10 donation - A shout out on social media

    £25 donation: A printed illustration by Alex Lyons and a shout out on social media.

    £50 donation: All of the above, + a special thanks in our programme.

    £100 donation: All of the above, + a deck of Vulvaplicity performative prompt cards created by Alex Lyons.

    Please Help us succeed!

    All help is truly appreciated. Please sponsor us and help make this happen. If you are unable to donate, please do share this project with anyone you think would support us.