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Lucid Borders

A project by: Konstantinos Sfikas



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This project received donations on Thu 20 Apr 2023
An art exhibition put together by the MA Curating Students from the University Of Essex

A short summary of your project

We are doing this Art Exhibition, as part of our MA Project, and we would like to bring in as many artists of the ones that we want their work to be shown as possible, and it will also improve the public program as well as the general organisation of the Exhibition. 

Who are you?

As migrants ourselves, we know the that being away from home is difficult, and that migrating experiences can be challenging. We are a group of 9 students of the University of Essex, with completely different backgrounds, but with the common experience of coming to a new country.

Your story

For the final MA Curating Art Exhibition, we want to bring a thrilling show exploring the concept of migration, and how it can be connected to alienating experiences of the daily life. The exhibition opens on 27 of April until the 02 of June. We want to display cutting edge artists that have explored movement of bodies, cultures, and identities. As the University of Essex is the home for multiple international students, we want to bring to attention the parallel experiences of international movements.

Where will the money go?

  • If we hit the minimum fee required we will use the funds to secure the artists we would like to participate in the exhibition
  • If we hit the maximum goal, the money will also be used to improve the public program, as well as the organisation of the exhibition
  • We will bring in additional artists to our events through our public program, and then we will have more money to add towards the exhibition
  • Weekly Updates


  • - Public shout outs
  • - Inclusion in the acknowledgments of the exhibition
  • - Special invitation to opening night
  • -Special Exclusive Tour of the exhibition to special donors

Images and video

This is the Pitch Video https://vimeo.com/800461009, and this is the venues website: https://www.artexchange.org.uk/ 

Help us succeed!

  • You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.
  • In fact, share it with everyone you know as we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.
  • And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.