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MA Curating Exhibition

A project by: Emma Stanley



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We are fundraising for our MA exhibition show focusing on feminist queer sexuality!

Who are we?

We are a group of MA Curating students at the University of Essex. We are organising an exhibition from the 25 April- 31 May 2024 at the Art Exchange Gallery, on the Colchester Campus. 

What is Lavender Menace?

Our exhibition Lavender Menace explores the ways contemporary art expresses feminist queer sexuality through text and language. Through a multimedia approach combining archival material and art, we aim to emphasise the ongoing importance of language within the queer community. The exhibition features self-published zines, textiles, ceramics, and ephemera, all interconnected by the written word's power to convey desire, assert identity, and challenge heteropatriarchal norms. 

To provide historical context, we are sourcing material from queer archives like those of the Bishopsgate Institute, including lesbian zines, enabling a comparative analysis of past and present queer expressions. Recognising the historical discrimination faced by queer communities, Lavender Menace aims to explore queer sexualities in an educational context and foster inclusivity within the Colchester campus of the University of Essex. The exhibition is inspired by the historic exclusion of queer women by UK legislature, and is scheduled to coincide with Lesbian Visibility Week and International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.

What will your funding support? 

We are hoping to raise £300 through donations to support our exhibition. We would like to spend £200 on creating a high quality catalogue for our exhibition. This will be available to those that visit the exhibition and will be available in the University of Essex Special Collections for future students and researchers to use. Below is our current design idea for the catalogue:We would also like to spend £100 on events, such as arts workshops. Any additional money we raise will be spent on events, food and drink. 


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  • Early access to the exhibition catalogue 

Find us here:

To keep up with updates, follow:

Art Exchange’s instagram: @artexchange

To contact us, email: macuratingstudents@essex.ac.uk

Help us succeed!

If you are able to donate to our exhibition fundraiser, thank you so much!However, you don't need to give money to help us succeed! You can help us by sharing this page on your social media, and by talking about it with your friends and family!We look forward to seeing you at the launch of our exhibition on the 25th April!