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How to Urn a Living

A project by: Zofia Zerphy


WE RAISED £1,665

from 14 donors

Berserk Theater’s first play- a farcical comedy set in a funeral home

The Play: How to Urn a Living

How to Urn a Living is a comedy set in Fowler’s Funeral home. For generations, Fowler’s Funerals has undertaken the responsibility of lifting the spirits of grieving people, providing everything needed for a special day- from the finest flowers to the best coffins. They also have urns, if you like to think outside the box. But lately business has been dying down… they’ve even tried implementing a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer, but it never took off. What lengths will Fowler, Wisteria, and Lilith go to to keep their beloved shop above ground? This play questions how class, religion, responsibility, traditions, and more impacts relationships to death and begs the question, “is it ok to capitalize on death?”

The Company: Berserk Theatre

                                                                      Zofia Zerphy                                           


                                                                    Vilde Bjorkedal


The Cast of How to Urn a Living

                                                                      Zofia Zerphy

                                                                        as Wisteria

                                                                       Fiona Lotara

                                                                          as Lilith

                                                                   Tobias Reymond

                                                                      as Mr. Fowler

                                                                    Yolanda Matji 

                                                                  as the Customers

Berserk's story

Berserk Theatre is an international company co-founded by Zofia Zerphy and Vilde Bjorkedal. Hailing from Norway and the United States, we make work that connects to an international audience by exploring and subvertig expectations around universal experiences- like in our first show How to Urn a Living, a comedy centered around death.

Our Goal

This show has already made a successful debut at East 15’s International Festival of Original Work, and we feel it can be successful in the London theater scene as well. Being a brand new theater company, we need to raise funds in order to introduce our work and ourselves to the professional acting industry. Funds raised will allow us to take our show to the Camden Fringe festival summer of 2024 (tickets available on the Camden Fringe website).

Images from our run at east 15's international festival

Photo Credits @AndrewHWilliams

Find us

Follow us on instagram @berserktheatre to keep up with what we're doing!

Email: berserk.theatre.uk@gmail.com

where your money goes

Insurance: £175

Venue hire: £550

Props: £200

Costumes: £100

If we recieve more funding we can...

Pay the travel costs for actors/artists involved: £300

Marketing: £200

Set: £400

If we receive even more...

We can pay the actors and creatives behind this project a livable wage

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