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Of Other Spaces Gardens of Dreams Exhibition

A project by: John Reed



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This project received donations on Thu 10 Jun 2021
Help us fund an exhibition that explores the inner garden!

We are fundraising for Our Ma exhibition show that explores the inner garden

Who are We?

We are MA Curating students at the University of Essex in the school of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. We are organising an exhibition that will run from June 3rd to July 3rd at Art Exchange, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ              

What is an inner garden?

The inner garden is a metaphorical place of spiritual and mental withdrawal, a space of past and present where experiences and feelings linger.  

THE CONCEPT: Of Other Spaces: Gardens of Dreams

Anchored in philosophical discourse, Of Other Spaces: Gardens of Dreams explores the idea of an inner garden where troubling aspects of the current world fade away. What’s left is a space of introspection where our dreams, memories and passions live. Subplots and ambiguity abound in the profound vision of an alternate world that we plan to bring to Art Exchange. The dichotomies of inside and outside, dream and reality, consciousness and unconsciousness, will blur together. We wish to explore how the images of our inner world can take different forms. From a natural and poetic setting strongly resembling a garden, to an abstract dreamscape where the subconscious takes over, the artists’ visions encourage visitors to consider their own inner garden.


Since October we have been working hard on the concept and searching for artists and art that we love, all from our own homes. The excitement we feel about bringing such powerful works together, in the framework that we have developed, is immense.

Millions of people have been stuck inside for a year fantasising about normality within their inner gardens. Of Other Spaces: Gardens of Dreams will generate a much-needed moment of contemplation and catharsis. This moment will be made possible by the involvement of astounding international and UK based artists.

The exhibition will have an academic and educational edge by featuring public programs that engage with guest scholars. Tours and workshops will also take place. Attendees of our events will find inspiration and empowerment in cultivating their own inner garden. 

We are preparing for multiple eventualities. The Art Exchange gallery will be home to the physical exhibition, and we will have an online presence. We require funds to supplement the budget we have been provided with to allow us flexibility, so that we can provide the best show possible.             

Where will the money go?

  • Design fees £200
  • Public programs £200
  • Artist fees £200
  • Artwork transportation £200

The minimum amount raised will be sufficient to allow us to create the exhibition. If we raise more than the minimum amount, the money will fund extra events during the exhibition and help us deliver a better experience.   

A plethora of rewards for different tiers including:

  • Ecard thank you cards
  • A copy of the exhibition catalogue 
  • Inclusion of name in the exhibition catalogue 
  • Private tour of the exhibition on a day of your choice for the duration of the Exhibition
  • A Limited print of artwork Postcards made by the artist Zhang HaoYe

Find us here

For updates on public programming please follow the Art Exchange social media accounts!



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Thank you so much for your support and we'll see you on the 3rd of June! For an exhibition you can actually visit in person!