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Dolphin Rehabilitation Center - Greece

A project by: Deanna Atkins


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This project received donations on Tue 21 May 2019
Helping Rescued Dolphins in Greece: My Tropical Marine Biology Master's Dissertation

project Summary:

I'm raising money for an experience to remember as I'm traveling to Lipsi island as part of my Master's dissertation research!

A new Marine Life Sanctuary has been built in Greece by the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation; it's the first of its kind in the world as it will rescue six dolphins from captivity to care for them in a natural environment.

My work will involve data collection in the bay to ensure that high biodiversity is maintained and that the dolphins have the best conditions to be rehabilitated in. 

Who am I?

I am a Tropical Marine Biology master's student at the University of Essex (UK) who is currently planning dissertation research, which will counts towards a third of my entire degree grade

An avid swimmer and scuba diver, my connection to the water has always been strong. I conducted my undergraduate degree with Essex University and loved it so much, I stayed on to develop my practical and professional skills, in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a marine biologist.

More about this project

In 2018 it was estimated that 2,913 dolphins were captive worldwide and that over 5,000 have died in captivity since the 1950's

Marine mammals are intelligent and social creatures who are kept in captivity with a lack of stimuli, which leads to stress, increased aggression, illness and death. This industry is fueled by tourism and businesses that care more about profit than animal welfare

Rescuing marine organisms and giving them a chance to be rehabilitated and potentially released into the oceans would be the best thing for these animals, in order for them to live a long happy life! 

The Dolphin Rehabilitation Center needs me to assess the current bay environmental conditions in order to predict changes and reduce the negative impacts on the ecosystem. This will ensure the high biodiversity of the Bay is maintained and can provide base knowledge for future Rehabilitation Centers in Europe.

For more information: http://archipelago.gr/en/the-aegean-marine-life-sanctuary/

Where will the money go?

  • The minimum target will go towards flights to and from Greece (£300) and my internship costs with Archipelagos (£2,500), an NGO that rely on private funding in order to conduct important research. This cost will cover: 
  •          - Accommodation for 3 months (nothing fancy, just shared dorms between                                 interns!)

             - Basic meals for 3 months (mainly rice, vegetables and fruit)

             - Research costs (e.g. equipment and laboratory use) 

             - Greek Language Lessons 

  • If I can raise more than this then it will cover travel insurance (£350) and internal travel, e.g. ferry and taxi costs (£50).  

Please note, I have not included any spending money in this budgeting as I have been working a part-time job throughout my degree to cover this. 


To show my appreciation for your help there are various rewards for you on the right hand side...from a personal 'thank you' to postcards and more!

Find me here

Throughout my project I plan to post updates on my Instagram page as often as possible:


Feel free to email me any questions you may have! 


Please Help me succeed!

Even the smallest donations will make a difference, however, I appreciate that not everyone is able to donate money, so please share this to people who may be interested in supporting my research. The dolphins are grateful for all your help!