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Wildlife Sense

A project by: Changlei Chen



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This project received donations on Mon 24 Jul 2017
Greece volunteering project

A short summary of my project

I'm raising £1,000 towards a volunteering project in Kefalonia, Greece in September called  Wildlife Sense . The sea turtle eggs were suffered and destroyed by both human and natural threats. This project is to protect the endangered sea turtles and collaborate with the local and national authorities. It is an amazing volunteering opportunity to do something good for the environment and gain a special experience. In order to make may goal a reality, I need to raise £1,000 to cover the costs of the trip.

about me !!

I am Changlei Chen. I am a second year student in the Essex Business School. I'm interest in nature and love to supporting environmental protection. I would like to be a part of Wildlife Sense international team and help the endangered sea turtles in this summer.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard that I could protect sea turtles in Kefalonia,Greece.I found out about this opportunity from Essex Abroad.I will apply the skills I will learn there in my future career,  specifically to deal with a lot of data collection, data reading, organizing and analyzing. These skills will help me to handle data more quickly and successfully in my future job role.

volunteer role

This project aims to protect and preserve the vulnerable baby sea turtles that hatch on the beaches of Greece. I will search the turtle nests and make sure they are in a safe circumstance. I will also help the young turtle hatch to safely crawl to the sea. In order to protect them from natural damage, I will do the environment studies of light pollution and ecosystems. All efforts we put are aimed to protect the endangered turtles and remain the biodiversity of the world.

I need the money to cover the training, transports, food, accommodation and other expense. I would like to do something great for the environment, but I need your help. It is a good way for donors to take part in a conservation effort.

Where will the money go?

  • Programme fee :£450

    • social programme,
    • accommodation
    • food
    • travel insurance
    • field training

    Flights and transport: £350

    • return flights
    • transport to the airport

    Visa: £80

    • Schengen Visa

    Personal expenses (kit/equipment): £150 Rewards

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Help me to help the environment !

Any donation would be hugely appreciated.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support me!

Help me to help the environment! Let's help the sea turtles and better this world.

Thank you!