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Help me get to teach survey skills

A project by: Russell Connelly



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Let’s go to Baubau!

Help Teach and DM in Baubau! 🐠

Who am i?

Russ Connelly, passionate about marine conservation and empowering students to dive into reef surveying.

my Story:

I'm raising funds to teach undergraduates and master's students reef surveying skills in Baubau. This unique opportunity not only enhances their knowledge but contributes to conservation efforts.

What are i doing and why?

I’m providing hands-on training in reef surveying, crucial for understanding and preserving fragile marine ecosystems. This project is close to my heart, having seen the impact firsthand and recognising the importance of education in remote, vulnerable habitats.

Where will the money go?

Funds will cover essential expenses - specifically internal and international travel (£500), ensuring I have access to teach this invaluable experience for the students. All accommodations and meals are covered by the host, and some funds has come from them on my travel. The stretch goal (£50 extra) will allow me to reduce the number of flights, and go on a more direct route.