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Akimbo - short film

A project by: Tommy Tancock


WE RAISED £3,436

from 22 donors

This project received donations on Thu 18 Aug 2022
AKIMBO! Four friends and one car on a mission. One of them is a pyromaniac. But that’s fine.


I am raising £3225 in order to produce my debut short film 'AKIMBO', with the help of the production company 'Devil's Avocado Productions'!       


Hello! My name is Tommy and I am a graduating actor from East 15 Acting School (BA Acting Course). I am fundraising for a short film that I have written whilst in my third year of training.

I am looking to bring this short film to life with the aim being to submit it to short film festivals in the fall. Joey (Executive Producer) from Devil's Avacado Productions has agreed to produce the short with Roddy our Director Of Photography!


I wrote this short film whilst in my third year of training in response to our writing tuition, this project is an outlet for creativity during a time when I needed it most and is an exploration of what it means to be a human in a moment of crisis told through the medium of a short film. I believe comedy is a tool that helps us homo sapiens to view the world through a different lens, which is what I am hoping to achieve with this piece of work.


AKIMBO is about four friends in a car on a very important mission. One of them is a pyromaniac. But that's fine. This is a comedic piece that explores the crucial moments before a heist and how these pressured situations affect everyone differently.

It explores themes of morality, friendship, family and the pressures of criminal activity when you're not a criminal. I want the audience to be taken on a journey with our cast who are all in this pressure cooker environment and really experience this uncomfortable situation to gain insight into their own humanity.

I do not want to be held back by my working class background as a creative and with your help you can help my entrance into the film industry and really help me explore my own creative impulses through this wonderful medium! The project is in your hands and I hope you can find the  kindness to make my dream a reality.


Devil's Avocado Productions have tailored a package for AKIMBO at a reduced rate as co producers. Please find below a breakdown of where and what the money will be used on, including production and post production costs. 

Production costs:

1st AD - £450

DOP - £450

Sound Operator - £375

Equipment - £300

£1575 for production. 

Post Production costs :

Editing - £600

Editing Direction - £600

Colour Grade - £100

Sound Design - £100

Trailer - £150

Social Edits - £100

£1650 for post production.

Total cost: £3225.

This is the minimum amount that will allow the project to go ahead. Our stretch goal would be an additional £1500 raised to cover expenses for the cast during filming, and to fund festival submissions once production is complete.

If you could please share this crowdfund that would be greatly appreciated, any and all support is welcomed with open arms and will help turn this dream into a reality. Thank you!