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Adventure in the Aegean: Master's Research Project

A project by: Kari Inch


WE RAISED £2,100

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This project received donations on Tue 23 May 2017
Help me carry out my Master's research project in Greece!

what am I raising money for?

I am raising money to help fund my Master's research project that I will be carrying out this summer in Greece with the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. I will be undertaking my research project, from May through June 2017, studying the impacts of anthropogenic stresses (human activities) on the population distribution of local dolphins in the Aegean. This research will help provide an understanding of how human activities are affecting the dolphins and how the dolphins are responding to these environmental changes.

a bit about me!

I am a current Master's student at the University of Essex in Colchester, England, studying Tropical Marine Biology.

I decided to continue my education in this field because I have a strong passion for marine biology with an interest in tropical systems. I chose this program in particular because I would receive practical and professional skills specific to marine biology that will be necessary for me in having a successful future career as a marine biologist.

Having studied abroad previously, my knowledge of and concern for tropical marine systems has greatly increased. In the future, I want to be able to positively impact tropical marine research by contributing ideas that will aid in the conservation of these ecosystems.

why study the effect of human activity on marine mammals?

While the ocean can be a source of fun for all, we need to think of the consequences that we can have on the animals that are found to live within the waters. This is what I want to research. I have a strong passion for marine life, dolphins included, and I want to study and understand how human activities are affecting the distribution and ultimately the lives of the dolphins that inhabit the Aegean.

By understanding how we are causing impacts on this system and determining ways to address these impacts, marine life may become more conserved within the Aegean. By conducting this research, I will be given the opportunity to expand my skill set by participating in field based surveys, analyze photo identification data, and so much more!

what will the funded money will be used for?

The total expense of carrying out my research project in Greece is around £2,000.

The minimal funding of this project will be used towards travel expenses (£300-400), the purchase of necessary gear for my research (£230-285), and program fees which equate to about £1,400. Program fees include:

  • Accommodation and food expenses
  • The use of research equipment and vessels
  • Transportation once on site
  • Greek language lessons
Extra funding will be used for additional expenses that may arise while carrying out my research project.


As a thank you for your support and donation, a special reward will be headed your way upon the completion of my research project! Make sure to check them out!

Many thanks for your continual support of my goals and aspirations!

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Help me get to Greece!

Whether you are donating financially, sending prayers or well wishes, every little bit helps. If you are so inclined to do so, please share my project with others that may be willing to help out. I can't thank each and every one of you enough for your support and guidance for this exciting journey that I am about to embark upon! I can't wait to carry out my research project and make an impact in a field of marine biology that I am passionate about. Let the adventure begin!