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30 Days of Blood

A project by: Eva Ditzelmüller


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This project received donations on Wed 20 Jun 2018
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30 Days of blood

Blood, sweat, and... tampons? Sara's period just won't stop - she is covered in it - or is it the blood of her last victim that still sticks warm on her limbs? Watch her fight a storm of tampons and confront her ridiculously handsome vegan housemate before breaking out into song while ripping apart raw meat. Anyone can enjoy this visceral cabaret exploration of womanhood, a highly sensory experience featuring live music and physical comedy. After all, everybody bleeds from time to time.

Theatre peregrine

Theatre Peregrine is a new company committed to unconventional theatre that finds genuinely new ways to explore issues and ideas that matter to people now, in 2018. Our work aims to ring true socially, politically and culturally while still achieving our main purpose: to entertain.

The journey to Edinburgh

Theatre Peregrine consists of theatre makers, actors, dancers, musicians from Lithuania, Austria, and North America. We all share the same enthusiastic, dynamic and proactive approach to work and are dedicated to seizing every opportunity to grow and develop our theatre. Our hunger and passion for performing has lead us to create this show and we are extremely excited to be taking it to this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

A high profile medium like Edinburgh would seriously boost our work into other venues nationally and allow us the potential to develop our company's voice and carve a space for ourselves on the British theatre scene.

Help us make our dream come true! We need your help.

Where will the money go?

• The money will go directly into our venue hire of £2970.

• Transportation London to Edinburgh £400

If we get any extra donations, they will go right to:

• Accommodation in Edinburgh £2500.

• Fringe registration fee £400

• Marketing £500

Our AIms for the festival

• Establishing ourselves as a theatre company that makes exceptional work.

• Speak about matters that people are uncomfortable to hear but deep down they know they have to talk.

• To make and build relationships with collaborators from around the globe.

• Let the immense diversity of Edinburgh Fringe inspire us and our work.

• Raise some hell

listen to some of our supporters

‘30 Days could not have been written at a more prescient time. It’s combination of European influences, vaudevillian aesthetic, and searing indictment of gender dialogues and modern youth, make it a refreshingly unique extravaganza. Hard to define, but harder not to love.’ - Jesse Briton

'30 Days of Blood made a definite impact on the audiences at IF from the first image on stage. A dramatically visual play, it is strong, punchy, unapologetic, and honest. The hard-hitting exploration of femininity and womanhood enjoys breaking taboos, even revels in it. Using a very physical performance style, live music, and singing, the actors create haunting images, while maintaining an essential vulnerability amidst the choreographed slapstick comedy of some of the sequences. This production is truly a collaborative effort between a director and acting/creative team who all understand, at its core, what the play is about.' - Zois Pigadas, Head of BA Acting International

'30 Days of Blood works because it is honest, raw and exposes that periods simply are funny, whether you have them or not.' - Eva Ditzelmuller, director

Find us here

E: theatreperegrine@gmail.com

W: www.theatreperegrine.com

Facebook: theatre peregrine

Instagram: theatreperegrine

Twitter: The_Peregrines

Ačiū, Danke and thank from all of us!