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This project received donations on Mon 24 Jul 2017
Yvette is a one woman piece performed by writer / performer Urielle Klein-Mekongo, based on my own.

About yvette

Yvette is a one woman show, written and performed by me - Urielle Klein-Mekongo. Based on my own experience, it is about a 13 year old girl growing up on an estate in North WestLondon, her friends, family and attempts to get a boyfriend. This coming of age story is contrasted by the young central character’s experience of being sexually abused by her “uncle.”

A theatre piece with, spoken word and live music it will be my first professional piece  graduating from East 15. Following it's first presentation at East15's Debut Festival, the show will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. This is an incredibly exciting and slightly daunting (!) opportunity to present the show at the biggest Theatre Festival in the world and I cannot wait.

Who are you?

I am a 3rd year graduate of the BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre course. I am an actor, singer, poet, writer and all round creative from North West London Who wants to tell her story and inspire. The show was originally directed by Meriel Hinsching who is also graduating from East 15 this summer.

Your story

This project tells a coming of age story, that asks questions about what it means to be a black girl from a single parent household. Its particularly important to me because its a story based on challenges I faced growing up with major daddy issues and trying rise from of ashes of sexual abuse. It took me a while to come face to face with it, like many other victims but I know that this project could encourage more girls (and boys), more women (and men) to speak up.

Where will the money go?

This fundraising campaign will support the cost of taking the production to Edinburgh. This is such an exciting opportunity for the show to be exposed to audiences and industry. For the click campaign we are particularly looking to secure funds to support the marketing of the show up in Edinburgh.

Your generous donation will go towards:

Flyer and poster printing - £450

Distribution - £250 (for 25 flyering sessions)

Social media marketing & boosts - £50

If we go above our minimum target we will be able to fund more distribution sessions during the festival which are vital to getting audiences in. We would also hope to take some new production shots and if we go way over target, maybe even film and edit a video trailer for the show.

It is very important to me that the show inspires other people in my situation to speak up, I want to help give them a voice and have a real impact.

We will give you regular updates on our social media pages as we progress through the project by posting articles, blogs and any press we get.


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