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Wildlife Sense sea turtle conservation

A project by: Ciara Worrall



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This project received donations on Fri 09 Jun 2017
Volunteering with Wildlife Sense to protect and conserve sea turtles in Kefalonia, Greece.

My summary

I am aiming to raise £800 to do this amazing volunteering conservation project. Wildlife Sense is an organisation which protects and conserves sea turtle populations. Taking part in this volunteering experience will help produce effective results for the sea turtles in Kefalonia, Greece. To create amazing results I will be travelling to Kefalonia in the sea turtles breeding season to study them, monitor their nests and protect their hatchlings. I will be helping to solve the issue of endangered sea turtle hatchlings and preserve the species. In doing this volunteering I will be learning to conduct scientific research to save endangered turtles for future generations to enjoy.

About me

I am a first year psychology undergraduate at the University of Essex. I decided to take part in this project as I feel strongly about protecting endangered animals and preserving their ecosystems. My skills are useful for this project as I have studied biology and have learned research skills during my university course. I feel that I will be able to work as a part of team as I have good communication and team work skills.

MY story

My unique journey will involve some key points:

  • Travelling to Kefalonia, Greece where I will be monitoring sea turtle nests in breeding season. To do this, I will count the eggs and help to protect the nests from predation or damage. Once the hatchlings are ready to leave the nest, I will be helping them to reach the sea safe and natural way. My work will involve the local people also, by helping them to further protect the nests in everyday life.
  • One of the biggest threats to sea turtles is light pollution caused by restaurants and increased tourism. I feel that as this is caused by human influences is it necessary to reverse these negative effects. To do this I will be aiding the hatchlings to the sea away from danger to increase their chances of survival.
  • By donating to this project you will be helping to fight the increase of endangered species. This will be extremely rewarding as the ecosystem in Kefalonia will benefit and sustain it's natural resources. This is important as the hatchlings have less chance of surviving in this world which will lead to their extinction. Donating any amount of money will ensure their safety and give the population a chance to thrive.
  • From this experience I will gain valuable research experience in a scientific field. I will also have volunteered for a project to gain experience in volunteering work. I will personally learn more about the sea turtle population of Kefalonia and how to conserve it. I can then apply some of these conservation techniques in a later career and research skills in a scientific career.

Where will your money go?

The money raised for this worthy cause will be used to pay for:

•accommodation for the two weeks - all volunteers will be staying in shared accommodation and will be sharing rooms/facilities. Basic cookware will be provided along with water, electricity and wifi.

•The use of bicycles to travel to the accommodation and to the location daily.

•The transport to the airports and plane fair to Greece and back to England.

•The food for the duration of the project will be provided by donation money and bought by the trip organisers. All volunteers will take shifts in preparing simple meals at the accommodation.

•Field training in methods to protect and preserve the sea turtles.

•Field training support from leaders.

•A research volunteer t-shirt.

The cost break down will be:

•£450- for the program fee and everything included above.

•£200- flights.

•£150- for essential clothing, shoes and sun protection for the two weeks.

Any extra money raised will be used to buy additional food for personal use and cultural experiences.


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Help my project success

  • You don't need to give money to help! Please just share the project with anyone to spread the word abut the work done by Wildlife sense. Social media , emails or simply conversations can all help. The more people that know the better! If you can please donate and sponsor to help the project and make it a success, but any support is appreciated.