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Take Me To Portugal #2

A project by: Karolina Hausman



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This project received donations on Mon 25 Jun 2018
I'm going to volunteer in Coimbra in July and I need your support! :)


Hi, I'm raising £550 to go to Coimbra (Portugal) to volunteer at the European Universities Games , which will be the largest university sports event in 2018 in Europe and the also the biggest multisport event ever organised in Portugal! Orgnisers are expecting 4,000 students from top sport universities to compete in 13 disciplines. This will take place between July 9 and 29 (almost 3 weeks and I am so excited about it!


I'm Karolina and I'm a 2nd year Business Management student at Essex. I started volunteering at sports events last year and I have to say that until then, I hadn't known that working with people from 8am to 9pm and making sure everything goes well could be such an amazing experience!

Studying business and being a person who has been always involved in different sports have helped me to realise that organising events (especially sports events) is what I want to do in the future. Volunteering at this event would be an extremely great opportunity for me to develop any necessary skills and gain experience in this industry, but also it's always a great chance to watch athletes performing at the highest level and to learn from them. :)

European Universities Games 2017/2018

Last year, I also participated in the volunteering programme organised by EUSA (European Univesities Sports Association), which took place in my home country, Poland. However, the scale of this event was much smaller, as it was only focused on 1 discipline (volleyball), and yet, 21 men's and women's teams competed and over 40 volunteers were involved in these championships.

These are some pictures from the last year's event:

I've met some awesome and enthusiastic people there and we still keep in touch! ;) (Some of them are going to volunteer with me this year as well)

I was an attache of the women's team from the University of Bergen (Norway):

Award ceremony:

I've been also asked to share my experience with the EUSA Insider project - if you are interested, you can find more information about my volunteering journey under this link:


These were probably the busiest, but also the most fun days of my last summer, and I really can't wait for the next championships! I've already had an interview with the Organising Committee and have been accepted to the programme, and now it's the time to get ready for this trip.

Where will the money go?

One great thing about this volunteering programme is that there is no participation fee and what's more, the Organising Committee provides me with the accommodation during the event. But I still need to cover the following expenses:

  • Plane tickets: £250-280
  • Transport to and from the airport: £50
  • Travel expenses in Portugal: £50
  • Insurance: £30
  • Food (as I will need to cook for myself) and essentials (things that cannot be taken on the plane): approx. £150

I have also planned some rewards for those who donate! ;)

I need your support!

You can help me achieve my goal by making a donation or even by simply sharing this project with anyone you think would support me (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even mentioning my project in the conversation could work :)).

Any kind of support will be much appreciated (and you can also get some awesome rewards - how cool is that, right?).

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and if you're reading this far down - and hey, have a wonderful day! :)