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Spanish course in Valencia

A project by: Reinis Ruks



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This project received donations on Thu 07 Sep 2017
International House Valencia Spanish language course

Spanish summer course in valencia, spain

I am raising £700 to take part in a 4 week intensive Spanish course in Valencia, Spain. It is a great opportunity to improve my Spanish and learn about the culture of Spain.

Since I am studying Intensive Initial Spanish, my module includes this 4 week course to help me be prepared for the next Advanced Spanish level.

About me

My name is Reinis and I am a 2nd year student at the University of Essex. My degree is in International Languages and Modern Languages. I especially love the languages part of my degree because it provides me with the opportunity to learn about other cultures and I believe that extra languages will be very useful in my future career.

My story

The reason I chose to study at the University of Essex is because I loved what my course offers. I intend to make the most of my degree and go abroad in a Spanish speaking country in my 3rd year. I think that this experience will be a great test for my Spanish abilities and will provide me with an insight to what it is like to live in a Spanish community.

  • I will be attending an Intensive Spanish course at the International House Valencia school
  • Together I will complete 20 Spanish classes over 4 weeks and obtain a certificate for my Spanish skills
  • In the free time I will have the chance to attend Spanish festivities, go on field trips, experience Spanish food and hopefully travel through beautiful Spain
  • This course is incredibly important for my degree because it will give me a great advantage when I will begin the Advanced Spanish module next year
  • I think traveling is a great way to get a better understanding of other cultures and lifestyles and this time I need your help to make this course possible!

Where will your donations go?

  • Accommodation for 4 weeks with a Spanish family, with breakfast and dinner - £540
  • Flight from Valencia to London - £60-80£
  • Airport transfers - 50£
  • Total - £650
  • If £700 are raised the extra money will be used on a field trip
  • I will provide updates of my fundraising efforts on social media and of course you can follow them here on the CLICK site :)


  • I will provide some cool rewards for your generous donations, starting from social media to something neat delivered to your doorstep.

Follow the project here

  • I will be posting updates of my fundraising efforts, as well as during the actual project on my social media. Make sure you follow me to get an inside look on the project!
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  • And add me on snapchat - rreiski, where I will post daily stories during the project.

Help Me to go to spain!

  • Donations - I really appreciate any donations to this project! No matter big or small, thank you for contributing to my goal!
  • Sharing this project - Sharing this project in any form, whether on facebook, twitter, through email, with friends, family, classmates or coworkers will greatly help me with raising enough funds and meeting my goal.
  • Thank you for taking the time and for being interested in my project!