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Urban Musketeers

A project by: Vladislava Kutukova



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This project received donations on Sat 10 Aug 2019
Why settle for the average sport, when you can be a fencer?


I am raising money for our amazing fencing club to cover the costs of our equipment so we can continue to introduce students to this wonderful sport!

Who are we?

University of Essex Fencing Club is one of the oldest sports clubs on campus. We are not only talented and competitive athletes with 4 teams representing Essex in BUCS leagues, but also a friendly bunch of people with a common interest in such a cool sport!

Our Story

Our club has always been an active competitor, that’s why we are always trying to make sure that our equipment is following all the required policies provided to us by British Fencing, the governing body for the Olympic sport of fencing in Britain. 

Starting from January 2020, all of our fencing masks require an additional back strap, and we will need to contact the manufacturer of our masks in order to get them retrofitted. This costs £18 per mask, without delivery, and our goal is to retrofit at least 12 masks so that we are able to compete in BUCS and continue showing great results, just like we did it this year !

Where will your funds go 

One mask retrofitting costs £18 from our masks manufacturer Leon Paul London.

To make this project happen, we need to retrofit 12 masks, which will cost us our minimum of £216.00.

Retrofitting of 12 masks (£18 each) - £216

Extra funds to be spent on more masks to be retrofitted for the club’s use (20 masks in total) - £166; £360 is our funding target  for all club’s masks to be done.

Our promise 

We promise to stay in touch with our donors and update everyone on the progress of our project. 

We would really appreciate if you could share this link with your friends and family, even if you can't donate - sharing this link is a huge help for us! 

Thank you for your support,  

University of Essex Fencing Club